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    8 thoughts on creativity

    On the final day of matric, I headed off to school one last time with an extra white shirt tucked into my satchel. Along with leaping into the ocean still wearing our uniforms, getting an old shirt signed by teachers and classmates was a long-standing student ritual we partook in to help mark the end of this tender period in our lives.

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    Working girl

    Hello my new reality. After very successfully avoiding it for 7 years (6 spent studying and 1 doing exhilarating short internships with the Media24 Journalism Academy), the real world has finally caught up with me. I am now a fully fledged adult, with an office job. Fortunately it’s not a bad one at all, as I get to write about travel and interact with all kinds of interesting people. As you can see from the above picture, my in- and out-boxes are still quite empty, but seeing it’s only my second day at work I’m sure things will pick up as the year progresses. It is also only the 4th…