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    World, meet Jasper

    We’d been toying with the idea of getting a dog for some time, Guillaume and I. Maybe it started with the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Border Collie we met during our first weekend away together in Tulbagh almost three years ago. For those two days, he was a constant companion – chilling on the stoep while we braaied and even joining us for a hike up the mountain in search of an elusive waterfall. We dubbed him Wouter for some reason and soon ‘Wouter’ became a central figure in our future dreams. Our far-in-the-future dreams, that is. Because, let’s be honest – first, a long distance relationship and now, living several…

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    How to know if you’re suffering from phantom cat syndrome

    I have a cat. His name is Sandokan. He’s a big, fat tabby that weighs in at around 8kg with a temper to match his size. Everyone’s scared of him, including me. Despite his unexpected swipes and frequent hand mauls, I really do love him. And miss him a lot… because, you see, he doesn’t live with me. I got him in 2009 when he was just a tiny kitten with big ears, big eyes and a tiny belly and I was in the last phase of writing my thesis. For about six months we lived in bliss, him frequently launching his mini feline body across the room and skidding…

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    Sandokan, the hipster

    It’s official. My kittie. Is. A hipster. I mean look at him. Wearing one of those hipster bandannas, camera tucked in tight by his side. Doing that longing, far-off gaze thing to absolute perfection. Posing in a well-lit window, showing off how unattainably relaxed and awesome his life is. Next thing I know, he will be drinking craft water with weirdo chicks. Or popping his latest collars on a dedicated Tumblr. Check out these pics of Sandokan in his rave phase.  

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    Snaps: Sandokan

    I got to spend some time with my cat, Sandokan, over the weekend. He lives with my parents in Betty’s Bay, and has been living there since last year, because the academy (not the one they thank at the Oscars, just the good ol’ Media24 Journalism Academy) had me traversing the country. And, well, this cat is no fan of the gypsy life. Anyway, whenever I go home, I love bonding with him. It always takes a while, because he’s generally quite haughty, but he soon warms up and becomes a real sweetie! Since my life has stabilised somewhat this year, I’ve been wanting to bring him to live with…

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    My cat on his thinking post

    My cat spends a lot of time sitting on a certain pole that forms part of the fence surrounding our backyard. When he knows we’re around he feels compelled to look as though he’s busy with something constructive – i.e. scanning the bushes and grasses below for a catch to lay at our feet. But when he thinks we’re not watching, he relaxes. He lifts up his head and stares. He stares at the mountain. Sometimes at the sky. He stares and stares and stares. For hours on end… and I know why. BECAUSE… The naming of cats is a difficult matter It isn’t just one of your holiday games…