Algeria in Cape Nature’s Cederberg Wilderness area that is… It was my first time and, well, I think I fell in love just a tiny bit. Even though the evenings were somewhat chilly, the days were beautifully bright and springy, allowing us to explore the almost Mars-like rock formations, the wow-I-feel-so-small-and-young ‘Stadsaal grot’ and a…Continue Reading “Snaps: Camping in Algeria”

On my way to work this morning I walked through the Company Gardens and found myself breathing in the scents of spring and seeing it explode in slow motion all around: goslings sheltering under their mother’s wing, gregariously bright blooms of pink and orange, daffodils as yellow as lemon meringue and tiiiiiiiiiinyyyyy cherry-blossom like flowers…Continue Reading “Dance, dance! Spring is in the air”