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    Snaps: #AccidentallyWesAnderson in Springbok

    A couple of months ago, a friend shared a post on their Instagram stories with the hashtag #AccidentallyWesAnderson and, immediately, I was intrigued. Clicking on it, I found myself scrolling through a host of whimsical images from all corners of the globe that, indeed, seemed to have been snapped on one of Wes Anderson’s gently magical movie sets. What made all of them so arresting, however, was the fact that they depicted real-life places that weren’t even *trying* to be anything but themselves.

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    Snaps: Sea Point on 35mm film

    Last month marked my seventh year of living in Sea Point, Cape Town. That’s a damn long time and, to be quite honest, I think a move is probably a little overdue. Not because I don’t like it here. Quite to the contrary. I like it so much, I’ve gotten quite comfortable indeed. It’s just that I feel an old restlessness returning. The need to expand, explore and try something new. Living and working in a 43m² space does, I suppose, take its toll – no matter how cosy and cute and reminiscent of home. Although I’m not quite sure about the logistics just yet, there’s no question about it:…

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    Take me back: Porto

    When it comes to dreams of travel, there’s an outright war being waged within my soul. While one side yearns to explore places unknown – inhale their strange air, indulge in their exotic cuisine, listen to the unfamiliar song of the languages the locals speak – the other side desperately longs for a grand return to so many I’ve been before. To retrace the footsteps of the woman I was back then, to see what she saw and maybe even point out a few of the things she missed; to sink my teeth into the delicacies I’ve never been able to find back home; to stake my claim for some…

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    Snaps: Walking in Wilderness

    About a month ago, we headed to Wilderness for Andre and Danielle’s wedding – a wild and wonderful beach-meets-forest affair. Despite a storm breaking out in full force on the afternoon of the nuptials, it was a truly beautiful and joyous occasion. Apart from celebrating their promises of forever to each other, we also got a chance to rediscover a few of the trails in this lush section of the Garden Route National Park.

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    Snaps: The Camino Portugues on 35mm film (and a few thoughts on walking 240km with my mom)

    I realised with a great shock the other day that I’ve never posted anything about my Camino experience here on Peregrina. Soon after returning, I wrote a piece for Slow Drive; then, about a year later, shared a few thoughts about it in Juice (Mango’s in-flight magazine); and finally put together a comprehensive guide for Traveller24. But I never brought it back home to where it truly belongs – on Peregrina! Which makes me a little sad, really, because it was – after all – those two weeks as a pilgrim that sparked the renaming of my blog. 

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    Snaps: The Otter Trail on 35mm film

    “Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable” – Mary Oliver When I first read this line of poetry a couple of years ago, it rang so pure and true in my soul, it became my life’s motto in an instant. Not that I’ve always been super successful at this – sometimes the slog of daily life becomes so all-encompassing, it’s all too easy to lose that sense of wide-eyed wonder. That’s kind of where I found myself at the end of 2018: looking back on a year of incredible opportunities and fulfilling projects but just completely exhausted to the bone. I felt an overwhelming longing for simplicity and…

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    Snaps: #myMpumalanga road trip

    Way back, when we used to live in Pretoria, my parents would ever so often pack us all up into the combi and head to the Kruger National – or Marloth Park for the weekend. I loved it. And a big part of my heart still resides there, in the bushveld. Living in Cape Town now, weekend trips are obviously no longer an option, so when I get the opportunity to set out in that direction, I jumped at it! At the end of July, I was lucky enough to be part of Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency’s brand new #myMpumalanga campaign (working behind the scenes mostly), which included a…

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    Snaps: Mid-week break at Enjo Nature Farm

    In my last post, I mentioned that Guillaume, Jasper and I had taken a quick two-day break in the Cederberg from Wednesday to Friday last week. After googling ‘pet-friendly accommodation in the Cederberg’ (to coincide with flower season), we stumbled upon Enjo Nature Farm in the Biedouw Valley and were instantly charmed by the pictures of quaint white-washed cottages, quiver trees and star-studded night skies. We booked the most adorable Cabin and started counting down the days.

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    Snaps: Return of the SA Agulhas II on 35mm film

    Earlier this year, I had the privilege of joining a very special welcoming party on the docks of Table Bay Harbour, just around the corner from the V&A Waterfront. The SA Agulhas II supply and research ship was returning from an expedition to Antarctica and on board was my cousin, Danielle, along with her boyfriend, Andre. The two had spent more than a year at the SANAE IV research base, working as engineers. It was truly special being able to join the Taljaard and Odendaal families for this momentous occasion. I’m still trying to pin Danielle down for a proper interview about her experience, but in the meantime, here are a few…

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    Snaps: Experimenting with expired film

    I recently hit the 35mm jackpot when I stumbled upon an incredible deal on Bidorbuy: 12 expired Kodak Gold 100 ISO films for something ridiculous like R200. Obviously, I put my bid and – to my absolute surprise – won the auction without even the slightest hint of an opponent. Since setting out on my experimentations with film photography mid-last year, I’ve been dreaming about shooting on expired film, simply because it increases the chances of thrilling and unexpected effects in the final product. Well, I finished my first roll of the Bidorbuy batch (which expired in 2007) last week and picked up my developed images at Orms today. While…