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    Take me back: Porto

    When it comes to dreams of travel, there’s an outright war being waged within my soul. While one side yearns to explore places unknown – inhale their strange air, indulge in their exotic cuisine, listen to the unfamiliar song of the languages the locals speak – the other side desperately longs for a grand return to so many I’ve been before. To retrace the footsteps of the woman I was back then, to see what she saw and maybe even point out a few of the things she missed; to sink my teeth into the delicacies I’ve never been able to find back home; to stake my claim for some…

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    8 Pretty South African-Made Items I’m Loving Right Now

    There are many things Instagram has done wrong in recent years, most notably changing their algorithm and sneakily squeezing adverts in among stories. One thing they seem to be getting right, however, is hitting a target market bullseye when it comes to promoted posts. How do I know this? Well, the majority of promoted posts that have popped into my feed lately have been so enticing that I’ve clicked through and followed the relevant profiles. So doing, I’ve also discovered a whole new bunch of local makers to add to my favourites list. Here are eight rather diverse items I’m particularly in love with right now:

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    4 houseplants even you can keep alive

    There’s a widely held belief that when it comes to houseplants, succulents are by far the easiest to maintain. Well, I beg to differ. Despite my very best efforts, I have never been able to create a healthy and happy home for them. (You can read all about my struggles in this old blog post.) While I can’t be sure about the reasons, I think it may have something to do with the fact that they just don’t enjoy being indoors and since my flat has the surface area of a chia seed and no balcony, there’s really not much I can do to fix this. Plus, I may have a…

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    Playlist: Somewhere between Winter and Spring

    With the weather wavering between Indian Summers and snow down here in Cape Town, I’ve been craving music to suit this dreamy liminality. So, in between getting work done yesterday, I created a new playlist (one of my favourite things in the world) which captures a bit of the mood. It’s a little cloud of dream pop melody with a romantic R&B twist here and there, a Nigerian chart-topper somewhere in the middle, a dash of folk, a pinch of pop-punk and an energetic burst of drum & bass right at the end. I think it’s a pretty pleasing mix for a laid-back evening at home or to kick off…

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    How to build a more sustainable wardrobe

    For a long time, the fashion industry slipped under the radar for its impact on the environment. I guess everyone was so busy focusing on the way it tends to warp women’s relationship with their bodies and a myriad of other social issues. But then, in 2013, the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh collapsed killing 1138 people. Not just any people. People who worked long hours and got paid less than minimum wage to create garments for fast fashion chains, such as H&M. For the first time since Nike’s sweatshops caused an outcry in the 1990s, the world received a sobering reminder that the clothes we buy with the change…

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    5 simple items to help you cut down on plastic

    I’ve been quite keen to cut down on single-use plastic for a while now. You know, things like those flimsy little produce bags they put vegetables in at the supermarket and cooldrink straws, for instance. During my time at Cape Town Partnership, I even interviewed a couple of Zero Waste legends (unfortunately, the article is no longer online) who have actually managed to whittle down their annual non-recyclable trash to fit into tiny Consol jars and the like. When I recently joined Yacht Boaz on one of their Sunday Sails, I was inspired anew. During these excursions into Table Bay, they aim to raise awareness about the devastating effect plastic pollution has…

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    Buy local: 7 Proudly South African luggage brands

    This year, I decided to buy locally-made products as far as possible. (Or second-hand, but more about that in another post – coming soon!) It’s been quite a fun exercise so far, as I’ve discovered all sorts of designers, brands and shops I hadn’t known about before. At the moment, I’m searching for a weekend bag. My old faithful has pretty much fallen apart, leaving me a choice between my proper travel backpack and one of my myriad little rucksacks or tote bags. The former is just a little too big, while the others are slightly too small for weekends away. So, really, I’m looking for the baby bear’s porridge…

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    4 beauty products that make me happy

    It’s not every day a girl manages to gather a combination of skin- and hair-care products that just work… simultaneously. You know how it goes – you get a face wash that makes your skin feel all dewy and fresh, but every shampoo you try keeps leaving your hair limp and sad. Or the moisturiser a friend swears by has you breaking out in zits, but at least that conditioner you started using makes your hair bounce and shine. Yup, if you aren’t blessed with great hair and skin naturally, finding products that help you feel (and hopefully also look) good can be a real drag. Doubly so, if you’re…