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    Support Local: South African Activewear

    This month heralds a full year of living that lockdown life here in South Africa. And for me, a year of spending an inordinate (yet blissfully comfy) amount of time in my stretchy pants. So much so that since my outdoor yoga classes started up again, I hardly have a decent pair of leggings to wear that wouldn’t give my students an unprofessional peek at my underwear! So, I guess it’s high time for a little activewear wardrobe update. In an effort to stick to my resolution to shop local as far as possible, my search has been focused on proudly South African options… of which, the good news is,…

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    Support local: 12 South African jewellery designers to watch

    Since the coronavirus pandemic hit our shores, leading to the announcement of stringent lockdown measures and an almost total shutdown of the economy, many South African small businesses have been struggling to stay afloat. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to support and buy local. In the light of this, I’ll be doing a series of posts over the next few weeks, featuring my favourite South African makers and brands – from jewellery designers and artists to skincare products and shoes. Two weeks ago, I featured a few artists and illustrators whose work I dream of collecting. This week, I’ll be featuring 12 South African jewellery designers (presented in alphabetical…

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    Support local: Proudly South African artists & illustrators

    As you might have gathered from some of my previous posts, I’m a huge fan of supporting local brands and makers. Also, whenever I need to buy an item of clothing, homeware or even consumables, I always try to check that it has been made in South Africa and preferably somehow supports small business. Of course, this isn’t ALWAYS possible, but I try… Anyway, since the coronavirus pandemic hit our shores, leading to the announcement of stringent lockdown measures and an almost total shutdown of the economy, many South African small businesses have been struggling to stay afloat. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to support and buy local. In…

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    Snaps: Springboks Trophy Tour

    It’s been a heady few weeks for us South Africans since the Springboks won the Rugby World Cup at the end of October. The team returned home last week and received a well-deserved heroes’ welcome at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, followed by more of the same in the various cities they’ve visited as part of their Trophy Tour. Today was Cape Town’s turn and, of course, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. After an early wake-up to get some work done, I grabbed my camera, got on the MyCiti bus and headed into the streets just before 11am. I wended my way from Strand, through St.…

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    On being South African

    With all the Bok-related patriotism in the air, it’s hard not to think about being South African. I’ve caught myself softly singing our national anthem a good few times since Saturday and, without fail, feel my eyes well up when reaching those last two lines. Earlier this year, I wanted out. I wanted to pack my bags and move somewhere safe. I wanted to escape the violence and the tension and the feeling of always looking over my shoulder. But what good would that do? In the name of safety, I’d lose so much. I’d lose living in a country where:

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    How to get your home yoga practice going

    Even though yoga lends itself so well to an ‘anytime, anywhere approach’, it sure is hard to set up a home practice.   I’ve been trying for more than 10 years and only recently managed to carve out at least 3 hours a week for at-home yoga.   One of the main reasons for this little success is the fact that I started my 200hr yoga teacher training (YTT) course in August. Apart from having to practice a certain number of hours per week, I was also given specific poses to work on improving.   While joining a yoga class is great for getting into a delicious flow, an at-home…

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    Random Thought: Of Our National Anthem and the Ones Who Love It Most

    Every so often, when my schedule allows and deadlines aren’t coming at me as thick and fast as they normally do, I spend an hour or two volunteering at an urban farm close to my home in Cape Town. Sometimes, I help place tiny seeds in polystyrene planting trays and other times I clear weeds from the veggie beds. It’s nothing fancy and I love it precisely because of this. A couple of hours away from my laptop, feeling the sun on my shoulders and inhaling the scent of earth and soil.

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    Learning to appreciate the process

    Here’s a little confession I bet many of you might find surprising: I’m a perfectionist. I know it doesn’t seem that way. By all accounts, I’m pretty laid-back and quick to let things go when they don’t work out according to plan. But I have a sneaky suspicion that these are the methods I’ve developed over time to protect myself from disappointment and constantly feeling like a failure. That’s a post for another day, however. The point is: I think there are two kinds of perfectionists in this world.

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    Wild Woman Interview: Melanie van Zyl on Travel Writing and Photography

    ‘The Wild Woman Interviews’ is a series of Q&As with women who do interesting, brave and inspiring things. The name hints at how nature, the outdoors, travel, the natural cycles of life etc. motivate and influence their passions and pursuits. This month, I’d like you to meet Melanie van Zyl. She is a travel writer and photographer whose work just seems to capture the wondrous essence of every place she visits. 

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    Earth Day: Meet These Badass Women Environmentalists

    This past Monday (22 April), we celebrated Earth Day. While it may have slipped by unnoticed for some, it offered a moment of reflection for many. While I certainly didn’t dedicate the entire day to thinking about the ways in which I’ve harmed – or, in fact, tried my best to help repair – our planet, I did spend a few minutes taking stock of my behaviour. As proud as I am of the reusable straws I whip out of my handbag every time I sip a smoothie in a coffee shop or the artillery of shopping bags I’ve built up in my war on plastic waste, I still have…