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    I am currently presenting classes in partnership with Om Revolution Mobile Yoga Classes in Plattekloof, Century City and Somerset West every week. Classes cost R60pp if you pre-book and R80pp for drop-in. If you want to join me for outdoor yoga in the Northern suburbs of Cape Town (Plattekloof area), click here. If you want to join me for outdoor yoga classes in Century City, Cape Town click here.  If you want to join me for outdoor yoga classes in Paardevlei, Somerset West click here.  If you want to arrange for a private class for yourself or a group, click here.  My journey with yoga started when I was about 17. I was looking for…

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    How to get your home yoga practice going

    Even though yoga lends itself so well to an ‘anytime, anywhere approach’, it sure is hard to set up a home practice.   I’ve been trying for more than 10 years and only recently managed to carve out at least 3 hours a week for at-home yoga.   One of the main reasons for this little success is the fact that I started my 200hr yoga teacher training (YTT) course in August. Apart from having to practice a certain number of hours per week, I was also given specific poses to work on improving.   While joining a yoga class is great for getting into a delicious flow, an at-home…

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    Yoga: a few common misconceptions

    I recently started practising yoga more regularly again after a few years of letting it fall by the wayside and, in many ways, it feels a bit like a homecoming. Since first finding out about it back in high school and begging my parents to order me a beginners video through ‘Leserskring’, yoga has always been my favourite form of exercise. As I’ve grown older, it’s also proven to be the only consistent antidote to my sporadic bursts of insomnia, a trustworthy mood booster and the most effective tool for self-acceptance (and, eventually, even love) I’ve ever come across. Being so central to my general wellbeing (and daily life), yoga tends…

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    5 things I hate (to love) about yoga

    I was lying on my back, spine pressed flat against the floor, legs raised straight into the air, a wooden block squeezed between my thighs, hands interlaced at the base of my head and elbows pointing to the ceiling when I suddenly realised how much I hated yoga. We weren’t even 10 minutes into class and already I wanted to burst into tears and give up. “Squeeze your thighs together, lift the sit bones, suck in your stomach and on the out breath reaaach over to your left knee,” the instructor said… as though this was all completely natural. On the ‘out breath?’ Lady, I have breathed in and out…

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    Support Local: South African Activewear

    This month heralds a full year of living that lockdown life here in South Africa. And for me, a year of spending an inordinate (yet blissfully comfy) amount of time in my stretchy pants. So much so that since my outdoor yoga classes started up again, I hardly have a decent pair of leggings to wear that wouldn’t give my students an unprofessional peek at my underwear! So, I guess it’s high time for a little activewear wardrobe update. In an effort to stick to my resolution to shop local as far as possible, my search has been focused on proudly South African options… of which, the good news is,…

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    2020 Life Update

    It may only be February, but I must say, it feels like we’re at least 5 months into the new year and -decade already! Looking back over the past 50 days, I can quite confidently confirm that 2020 did not – I repeat – did not come tiptoeing in gently. There were those few peaceful post-New Year’s days with my family in Tergniet, but since then, it’s pretty much been a whirlwind of change and excitement. Here’s a little rundown:

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    Good advice: Permission slips, endings and embodiment

    Ever since Rob Bell started his RobCast back in January 2015, I’ve been the most avid fan. Whether he’s delivering a sermon or welcoming a super interesting guest into ‘the backhouse’, it’s always packed with insight, good vibes and positivity. Rob kicked this year’s podcast schedule off with two episodes dedicated to a live, on-stage conversation/performance between/by him and Elizabeth Gilbert and in true Robcast form, it contained a wealth of refreshing nuggets of wisdom, comfort and inspiration. I couldn’t resist sharing, so here are three of my most profound takeaways:

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    Buy local: 7 Proudly South African luggage brands

    This year, I decided to buy locally-made products as far as possible. (Or second-hand, but more about that in another post – coming soon!) It’s been quite a fun exercise so far, as I’ve discovered all sorts of designers, brands and shops I hadn’t known about before. At the moment, I’m searching for a weekend bag. My old faithful has pretty much fallen apart, leaving me a choice between my proper travel backpack and one of my myriad little rucksacks or tote bags. The former is just a little too big, while the others are slightly too small for weekends away. So, really, I’m looking for the baby bear’s porridge…

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    Life lessons my recent travels taught me

    If you’ve spent any time on the internet at all over the past few years, you’re probably quite familiar with those motivational travel quotes sprawled across majestic landscapes. “Not all those who wander are lost.” – JRR Tolkien “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine Well, this post is not like that. My aim is not to motivate anyone to travel, to ‘find themselves’ or to see the world. Some of us have that desire and will act upon it in one way or another. Others don’t, and will live perfectly fulfilled lives without ever setting foot outside of…