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Five months and 20 days later than planned, on 24 October 2020, Guillaume and I finally got all dressed up to exchange vows and say ‘I do’ under an indigenous tree canopy in front of a (relatively) intimate gathering of loved ones.

We were gifted a perfect spring-on-the-cusp-of-summer-day at the Harold Porter National Botanical Garden in Betty’s Bay, with a light breeze ruffling hems and hairdos as the sun kissed our cheeks, hands, necks and brows.

As I wrote in my ‘Love in the time of lockdown‘ post, we were meant to get married on 4 April 2020, but just as we entered the final stretch of wedding preparations, our plans ground to a halt due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Although I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with that far-too soothing little phrase ‘maybe it was meant to be’, I really do feel as though things worked out exactly as they should have for us. Reflecting on the magical, love-filled, exuberant day we ended up having at the tail-end of this year devoid of gathering and celebration, I almost can’t imagine that our original date would have been any more – NAY, half as – perfect.

There is SO MUCH I want to tell about our wedding day, but at the same time, I find it almost impossible to express my feelings and observations with the awe and wonder they deserve.

One thing I can say, however, is that you know you must have done something right if – while going through your phone’s camera roll – you can’t tell which photos are from Pinterest and which from your actual wedding. True story!

Over the next few days/weeks/months (depending on my workload), I’ll post about all the various aspects of the wedding and sharing why we made specific choices. Every single detail of our wedding was rooted in something deeper than just ‘because it’s going to look pretty’ and there are endless special touches that deserve to be highlighted.

In the meantime, what better way to launch the ‘OUR WEDDING’ series than with the official photos?

Since Guillaume and I both love film photography, we thought we’d do something a bit different and have our official photos taken on 35mm only. I know it seems like a daring thing to do, but what can I say? We’re just a couple of daring old daredevils (who consistently go to bed before 10pm and would never go skydiving).

Anyway, we asked Cape Town-based photographer, Ken Treloar to shoot the wedding and we were really blown away by the poignant, raw and utterly beautiful results.

While I’m going to do a whole post about our outfits, I just want to take this moment to focus your attention on my exquisite dress. Designed and hand-made by my madly talented friend, Deeva under her bridal label, Merwe Wed, I felt that it truly captured my essence and made me feel like the most beautiful version of myself. And isn’t that what every bride really wants on her special day? She was also the genius behind the sultry bridesmaid outfits and the cupcake-cute flower girl dresses.

And without further ado, a few of my favourite wedding photos:


While allowed, having a wedding during this time did come with its fair share of responsibility to ensure the health and safety of our guests. To enter the venue, masks were mandatory – I even had a special golden silk one for the day! Furthermore, Harold Porter National Botanical Garden implemented strict measures for all of our guests. Upon entry, each person’s temperature was measured, hands sanitised and their details taken down. For the photos, we opted not to wear our masks. Since our families and wedding parties had been spending a lot of time together beforehand, we felt this would be fine. As for our guests, masks were removed for eating and drinking. Each person also got their own pre-packaged set of cutlery, so there would be no touching each other’s stuff. Elbow taps were the main form of greeting and congratulations :’) Lastly, hand sanitiser was freely available. 

How beautiful is my mama?
Our ride!

My dad and I walking down the aisle like bosses. Let’s just quickly LOL at how I held my bouquet like it was the Olympic torch :’)

My first and forever BFF, my brother, Imar who was our master of ceremonies.

Who’s got the cutest goddaughters? We do!

My mom and aunts serenading us – what a special moment!

Venue: Harold Porter National Botanical Garden

Photos:  Ken Treloar 

My dress: Merwe Wed

Bridesmaid & flowergirl dresses: Merwe Wed

Make-up: NUDE

Hair: Rachel Venter 

Flowers: My talented Auntie Treska and Aunt Shirls 

Earrings: Nina Bosch Porcelain


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