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Snaps: Lockdown morning walks

It’s safe to say that, right now, none of us is probably where we thought we’d be at the beginning of the year.

Maybe you were meant to be heading off on a long-awaited overseas holiday. Or perhaps you were gearing up to cheer your matric class on for their June and September exams. Chances are, you were planning some sort of special family gathering – whether around Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or a birthday.

Me? Well, you know where I was meant to be. Married and living in our new home.

Alas, lockdown entered and none of that happened.

When I gave up my flat in February, I decided to move back home to Betty’s Bay for the six or so weeks leading up to our wedding on 4 April.

It seemed to make the most sense, as it would enable us – my mom and I – to wrap up the last bit of planning we’d been doing together, much of which was built around sourcing products from local makers in the Overberg region. Of course, it also offered me the precious chance to spend a last bit of time alone with my parents before starting a shared household of my own.

Well, when the coronavirus lockdown entered our picture somewhere in mid-March – and our house wasn’t quite ready to receive its new residents – my few weeks’ stay became an indefinite sojourn.

While to some, this situation may sound less than ideal, for me it’s been the most unexpected and special gift. I mean, as an adult, it’s rare to spend extended periods of time with your parents, getting the opportunity to get to know them from the start on a completely different level.

Sure, we have our ups and downs, our blowups and misunderstandings. We get in each other’s way and we tread on each other’s proverbial toes. But we also give each other space, curl up on the sitting room couches to watch movies, make meals, create gardens, ration our wine and go for long sunrise walks together.

So, it’s with great gratitude to my mom and dad, that I present to you a few snaps from some of our recent morning strolls:


  • Tamara

    Stunning. You are so unbelievably blessed to have this special times with your folks (oh how I wish I could just get a hug from mine), and to be able to have these walks! Stepping straight into the freshness of a new day surrounded by untainted nature.

    Stepping out into the same overcrowded estate every morning with the masses has been a traumatic experience for all of us here.

    Living through your photos xx

    • Nadia Krige

      Thank you, Tam! So unbelievably grateful for the space and beauty here … hope to share it with the three of you soon again.

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