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Love in the time of lockdown

If all had gone as planned, we would have been on day five of a blissful honeymoon somewhere along the Garden Route (I think…).

Instead, here we are on day 14 of a 21-day national lockdown, hunkered down in our homes, movement restricted to only the most necessary excursions. The government’s noble effort to help flatten the curve of Covid-19 infections in South Africa.

I remember, soon after returning from Namibia in June last year, where Guillaume and I had gotten engaged on day 2 of the 5-day Fish River Canyon hiking trail, we started discussing possible dates for our wedding. We agreed that Autumn would be ideal and liked the sound of 04/04/2020. A pleasing kind of symmetry that would lend itself well to easy recollection when, someday, the years start flowing seamlessly into one.

We had planned our wedding so carefully – choosing everything from the venue to the earthy tones of raw silk fabric for the bridesmaid dresses with such conviction, such certainty that it would play out in imperfect perfection as wedding days tend to do. And, yet, in the blink of an eye, due to circumstances so wildly beyond our control, the most fundamental element was ripped from the equation: our date.

The lockdown announcement came a mere 11 days prior to our planned nuptials, leaving little room for alternative measures to be put in place.

In the end, 04/04/2020 came and went without any wedding fanfare. I spent the day with my parents in Betty’s Bay (where I’ve been for lockdown) – heading to the shops in Kleinmond with my dad for distraction – and Guillaume with his dad in Cape Town (his lockdown location). It was sad, but also not. I realised I’d made peace with the utter strangeness of it all and let 04/04/2020 gently go as soon as the president made his announcement that day.

What would have been our wedding day in the presence of our loved ones, instead made way for a beautiful virtual influx of care and thoughts from friends and family far and wide.

This constant stream of interest, support and enthusiasm for my and Guillaume’s special day and our unfolding story has left me deeply humbled from the start. From the moment I announced our engagement over Whatsapp somewhere between Vioolsdrift and Springbok up until now. This very moment. How we got so lucky, I don’t know.

All I know is that this love – and the knowledge that we are not alone – has carried us lightly and holds up our hopes for a beautiful wedding day not too far in the future. Deo volente.

In the meantime, here are some of the beautiful photos from our couple’s shoot in Newland’s Forest. They were taken by our wedding photographer, Ken Treloar, early in March. We took Jasper along and had really fun time. In fact, as someone who generally shies away from being photographed, I was surprised by how relaxed and laid back it was. It totally felt like a Sunday morning stroll while catching up with an old friend.

Since Guillaume and I both love film photography, we thought we’d keep it old school (for this shoot and the wedding) and go with a couple of rolls of film instead of digital.

We loved how these pics turned out and I can’t wait for the wedding to happen so we can get some more!

Jumpsuit: Merwe Salt

Shoes: Peace of Afrika


  • Marieke Snyman

    Dis lieflike foto’s. Julle dag sal nog kom! Hoewel die lockdown situasie gisteraand vir my net meer surreal geraak het. Goed gaan daar!

  • Lisel

    A truly poignant reflection on what was to be, and hopefully will be, after this surreal time of lockdown.
    Love it.

    It leaves me sharing your sense of humility about our place and role in the oh, so much bigger scheme of things…

  • Fanie Krige

    Net ‘n klein kantopmerking oor my en Nadia se uitstappie Kleinmond toe op haar bestemde troudag (4/4/2020): as wyks raadslid het ek in die inperkingstyd ‘n klompie take om na om te sien en het die Burgemeester, raadsheer Dudley Coetzee, laat weet dat daar maskers vir ons Raadslede Kleinmond toe gestuur is. Kleinmond is nie so klein soos die naam voorgee nie en dit het ‘n taamlike soektog afgegee om ontvangs van die maskers te neem. Tydens die Kleinmond-uitstappie kry ek ‘n boodskap dat daar ‘n vissersboot in Bettysbaai se Beskermde Mariene-bewaringsgebied is, waaroor ek die Seevissery-inspektoraat inlig, maar ook ‘n boodskap terugkry dat die boot terug na Hawston is. Groot was my en Nadia se verbasing terwyl ons op soek na die maskers ‘n sopnat boot in Proteadorp vind waaruit vis verkoop word…en boonop nog ‘n klompie pittige opmerkings as bonus kry. Een van hulle was waarskynlik varser vis swem nog in die see rond. Terloops, kommersiële visvang word nie deur die inperking aan bande gelê nie.

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