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Snaps: Super Grainy 35mm Point and Shoot

Last year, I discovered my old point and shoot film camera in a drawer. Believe it or not, I actually still used it to capture my first few months at university back in 2004!

Anyway, since I had started dabbling in film photography, I decided to pop one of the expired Kodak Gold films I had recently acquired into the sturdy little body and decided to keep it in my handbag for spontaneous shots.

Well, over the next few months, it became my constant companion and ended up accompanying me on work trips to Maputo and Mpumalanga, as well as random adventures all around Cape Town. Sadly, one fateful day, it must have decided that it had served me loyally enough for long enough and simply gave up the ghost.

Fortunately, I could still wind the film up and have it developed.

The result? Super grainy snapshots – some overexposed, others under and yet others completely covered in light leaks. Not great photos by any standard. Yet, somehow, the more you look at them, the more charming they seem to become.

Or maybe I just feel loyal to them.

Maybe you should judge for yourself:

Jasper and Guillaume on Blouberg beach.
Street art in Salisbury Road, Woodstock.
A nursery display somewhere in Cape Town.
Olufemi (@upanddownfellow on Instagram) on a boat in Maputo.
The City skyline from Maputo Bay.
Maputo train station.
Maputo train station.
Maputo hotel room at sunrise.
Jasper in Jonkershoek.
A secret garden on UCT’s Upper Campus.
Fuller House on UCT Upper Campus.
Fly-fishing in Dullstroom.
Horse-riding in Dullstroom.
Jasper and Guillaume in Gordon’s Bay.

*Editing note: The original title read ‘shoot and point’, which of course is the wrong order (palm-face) [see what I did there?]


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