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8 Pretty South African-Made Items I’m Loving Right Now

There are many things Instagram has done wrong in recent years, most notably changing their algorithm and sneakily squeezing adverts in among stories.

One thing they seem to be getting right, however, is hitting a target market bullseye when it comes to promoted posts.

How do I know this? Well, the majority of promoted posts that have popped into my feed lately have been so enticing that I’ve clicked through and followed the relevant profiles.

So doing, I’ve also discovered a whole new bunch of local makers to add to my favourites list.

Here are eight rather diverse items I’m particularly in love with right now:

Macrame Planters by Some Wild Thing

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Isn’t it strange how all the things our grannies used to have in their homes – like macrame planters – are now all the rage again? Life really does move in cycles.

Some Wild Thing is a Cape Town-based business run by designer, Louise Finch. Each item is handmade by Louise herself, using locally-sourced supplies and products.

Check out the Some Wild Thing website for more details.

Dog Leashes by Chommies

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Jasper has a really bad habit of chewing on fabric leashes, but if we can only get him off that, the first thing I will do is buy one of these lovelies.

Chommies is an economic upliftment fashion label based in Cape Town that produces beautifully hand-crafted products for you and your best friend. You can even contact them for custom designs!

Check Chommies out on Instagram!

Ceramic Earrings by Nina Bosch


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Born and raised in a family of ceramic artists, Nina creates fine, porcelain jewellery. Her designs are inspired by geometric and organic shapes found in nature and made from porcelain, as well as a variety of different materials such as glazes, pigments, 18 karat gold lustre and sterling silver.

Every piece is handmade with care, given special attention to detail while embracing natural imperfections of the hand at work.

Check out Nina Bosch’s website for more info.

Cute Wildling Wall Hangings by Calico Ceramics


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Even though the Calico Ceramics strapline reads ‘baby and kids ceramic decor’, these pieces are so pretty, they really deserve pride of place in any home!

Of course, I just LOVE this llama one. But there are wildlings of every kind imaginable – foxes and owls and bokkies and giraffes. You can also get in touch with them to create custom designs.

Check out the Calico Ceramics website for more details.

Illustrations by Die Kaal Konyn

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I’m slightly obsessed with the idea of having an illustrated family portrait hanging in my home one day (when I actually have a family living all under one roof).

These by Tana Ferreira aka Die Kaalkonyn are cute and poignant all at once – sweet reminders of simple and happy times.

Check Die Kaalkonyn out on Instagram.

Cool Stickers by MPWR_WMN


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Who wouldn’t want a sticker of a badass woman in their life?!

I’m so impressed by this campaign to inspire positive empowerment for all women by design student, Christi Lee.

Check out her work on Instagram and be sure to order some stickers of your own!

Wildlife Paintings by Liffey Joy


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Liffey is a Cape Town-based artist who uses materials such as ink and salt to create monochromatic works.

“The wildlife series is something new but am really enjoying doing it as a parallel to my abstract work and have big plans for it. There’s a small game reserve growing in my studio at the moment,” she says.

Having watched a 50/50 episode on pangolins and their poaching plight recently, this one immediately caught my eye.

Check out more of Liffey’s work on her website.

Moonface Pendant by Amy Scheepers Studio


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The full moon never ceases to enchant me, which immediately drew me to this piece. Each Moonface pendant is individually made, using an ancient technique of wax casting. So, you know yours is 100% unique.

Amy Scheepers Studio was established in 2018 and is based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Playing somewhere between the rough and the refined, imprinting the past on contemporary pieces, and inspired by the ancient and mystical. The label strives to make beautiful and meaningful jewellery – made by women, for women.

Check out Amy Scheepers Studio’s website.

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  • Lisel

    Mmm.. indeed those macrame planters are so familiar from my childhood and even young days!
    And family portraits – well, I believe huge voids are left or caused by their absence in a home. We need to update ours!

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