Things I Learned This Week: Of Wolf Moons and Honeybees

Welcome to the new Things I Learned this Week feature on my blog. I’m very lucky to be in a line of work where reading, listening, interviewing and doing research is key. More often than not, I come across all sorts of interesting ideas, trivia and philosophies while wading through the reams of data I gather. But the thing is… I don’t always know what to do with it!

So, inspired by the newsletter of Austin Kleon, I thought this would be a good place to share some of them with you.

Here are a few of the most interesting things I learned this week:

    • The first full moon of the new year is known as a Wolf Moon. I hope you all had a bit of time to admire it this past week!


    • If you suffer from anxiety, listening to music with 70 – 100 beats per minute can help calm your nervous system. So can lying on your right-hand side. I found this out while listening to the latest RobCast where Rob Bell interviews his wife, Kristen about coming to terms with her own battles with anxiety.


    • Propagating frangipanis is really easy apparently. I tried following these steps and just stuck my little cutting in some soil. Will keep you posted on its progress.


    • There’s a rock painting in the Spider Caves (Cuevas de la Araña) in Valencia, Spain dating back about 8000 years that depicts a human figure gathering honey, complete with honeybees buzzing around him/her! I discovered this while writing an article about the complexity of honey consumption for Faithful to Nature.



    • Most garden snails have right-coiling shells, which means those with left-coiling shells are a bit of an anomaly. They also have a really hard time finding a mate and procreating (p.s. snails are hermaphrodites) and sometimes may need some kind human intervention. Here’s a delightful episode on This is Love podcast about how Jeremy, the left-coiling snail eventually found a mate and had some snail babies. Spoiler alert: there’s a LOVE TRIANGLE BETWEEN THREE SNAILS!


    • There’s a type of miniature white pumpkin, called… wait for it… BABY BOO! If you’re in Cape Town, you can stock up on some at the Oranjezicht City Farm Market.


    • Amy Ayanda is a super talented artist and designer, whom I follow on Instagram (I’m seriously coveting her range of wrap dresses right now). Well, this week I found out that she’s a musician too! Go listen to her haunting and wistful tunes here.


    • I love stumbling upon phrases in other languages that capture complicated feelings/emotions in a succinct and lyrical manner. Phrases without English counterparts. One I came across recently is the Japanese phrase: “Koi No Yokan“, which basically comes down to a kind of ‘premonition of love.’ So, not love at first sight but rather that tiny little spark of recognition you feel in your belly when you meet a person whom you’ll inevitably fall in love with some time in the future.


    Featured image by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

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