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Snaps: Mid-week break at Enjo Nature Farm

In my last post, I mentioned that Guillaume, Jasper and I had taken a quick two-day break in the Cederberg from Wednesday to Friday last week.

After googling ‘pet-friendly accommodation in the Cederberg’ (to coincide with flower season), we stumbled upon Enjo Nature Farm in the Biedouw Valley and were instantly charmed by the pictures of quaint white-washed cottages, quiver trees and star-studded night skies. We booked the most adorable Cabin and started counting down the days.

Getting there

Pit-stop with Jasper peering curiously out.

The end of August finally arrived and off we were to the Cederberg early on a Wednesday morning. With Jasper excitedly panting through the little window in the back of the bakkie, we hit the N7 just outside Cape Town and followed it all the way to where we finally took the Clanwilliam turn-off some 230km later.

After quickly stopping to stock up on a last few grocery items and our favourite Boggom & Voertsek craft beer, we left town and headed for the Biedouw Valley, up and over the Pakhuis Pass. With fascinating rock formations, panoramic views and pretty flowers turning their delicate faces toward the sun all along the way, it was an absolute treat to drive.

We reached Enjo’s gate about an hour later and stopped at reception with 296km on the odometer.

Ultimate relaxation

Cheers to the mid-week. I treated myself to some Leopard’s Leap sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir.

Once we’d checked in, unpacked and introduced Jasper to his new temporary home, it was time to start exploring. We took a stroll up to the large farm dam, which has been converted into a super cool swimming pool with deck chairs and all. The sun had already started its descent and it was a bit chilly for a dip. So, we decided to get some drinks and enjoy a sundowner there instead.

The next day, however, I decided to brave the cold and jumped in for a refreshing swim, followed by a dip in the adjacent mini hot tub.

This was preceded by a lovely morning hike, sampling a section of the Stoney Passage and then following the Donkey Trail back home. After this, we packed a little picnic lunch and headed to the Paddleski Dam for some rowing, swimming, reading and relaxing. Jasper was absolutely in his element, racing around and around the dam and sniffing his little nostrils off.

We spent a good two to three hours here, just relaxing next to the water and enjoying the happy chirping of weavers building their nests.

Both our evenings were spent around the firepit outside, marvelling at the milky way above and the almost-still-full-moon rising over the trees. We were even lucky enough to spot TWO shooting stars – an ever-mystical experience in my books.

Soul country, indeed

When we first discovered Enjo’s website, I was struck by the URL: soulcountry.info

After spending a magical two nights and one full day there, I could see why they chose it. This is a place where the soul can soar and take delight in its surroundings without even trying.

Apart from the farm dam, hiking trails and paddle ski oasis, Enjo is full of magical nooks and crannies that invite guests to just reconnect with nature, themselves and their loved ones again… and the fact that there’s no cell phone reception really helps as well.

Two of my favourite little ‘soul features’ were the labyrinth laid out in an old sheep kraal and the adjoining ‘reading room’ with a tree in the middle, a couch and an old fridge containing a small selection of books and stationery.

What to know before you go

I can highly recommend Enjo Nature Farm to anyone looking for a soulful break in the midst of nature. Apart from some dustiness, the roads are all pretty good and you certainly don’t need any sort of heavy-duty vehicle.

They have a range of accommodation options and even a few large and shady campsites.

While there is no cell phone reception, you can connect to WiFi if you’re absolutely desperate to make contact with the outside world.

Finally, they are pet-friendly (which was one of the big reasons we chose it), but do take note there are a few farm dogs, cats, horses, chickens and sheep on the property. So, best prepare your own pet for making some friends.

Here are some pics:

Instructions for your stay.

Farm gate.
Flowers, flowers and more flowers!
Pakhuis Pass sign
Jasper being his hilarious self in the back of the bakkie.
Jasper and Guillaume enjoying a picnic on the Pakhuis Pass.

Which way?!
How about a bit of both?
Helping some fellow-travellers find their way.

A pretty patch of Quiver Trees


  • Annie

    We lived in the Agter Pakuis Pasd and surroundings for 5 years. Soul country yes! I was a rock art guide there. Oh…how I miss my rocks and art and stars! Your photographs brought back wonderful memories!

    • Nadia Krige

      Hi Annie! Ah, that sounds like a wonderful life – can imagine you must miss it greatly. Thank you so much for your comment – really appreciate it 🙂

  • Barry Bass

    I have been a guest four times at Enjo
    It’s a star gazers paradise. Better than Sutherland If you want peace and quiet and you need to chase away your resident evil spirits then come to Enjo
    Andrea and crew are the best

    • Nadia Krige

      I couldn’t agree more, Barry! Definitely a place to get rid of all those nasty cobwebs stealing life force and joy 🙂

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