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Snaps: Experimenting with expired film

I recently hit the 35mm jackpot when I stumbled upon an incredible deal on Bidorbuy: 12 expired Kodak Gold 100 ISO films for something ridiculous like R200.

Obviously, I put my bid and – to my absolute surprise – won the auction without even the slightest hint of an opponent.

Since setting out on my experimentations with film photography mid-last year, I’ve been dreaming about shooting on expired film, simply because it increases the chances of thrilling and unexpected effects in the final product.

Well, I finished my first roll of the Bidorbuy batch (which expired in 2007) last week and picked up my developed images at Orms today.

While it wasn’t nearly as way out as I expected it would be, the photos have a nice grainy quality with a noticeable fade.

Here are a few of my favourite shots, snapped in Sea Point, Betty’s Bay, Clarence Drive and Elgin:

“Where’s my ounooi at?!” Jasper and Guillaume hanging on the promenade.
Jasper and I hanging out on the promenade, also.
I love this couple. They were feeding the promenade pigeons early on a Saturday morning.
Stony Point, Betty’s Bay.
Brodie Link hiking trail, between Betty’s- and Pringle Bay.
Tanee basking in the early morning sun on the Brodie Link hiking trail.
Delicate Brodie Link flowers.
Betty’s bay in the distance.
Dad and daughter hike.
Elgin Valley in Autumn
Betty’s Bay Main Beach on a Sunday afternoon.
Clarence Drive on a Monday morning.
Sea Point sunset from my bedroom window.
My hood on a Wednesday morning.
Obligatory artistic shot to get the film full. Raindrops on the windshield, sitting in my car outside Orms.


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