8 things I’m grateful for right now

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these lists and seeing we’re in a new year, with new things, I thought I’d put together a little update.

It’s raining in Cape Town!

As I’m writing this, Cape Town is getting a good, solid and desperately-needed soaking. In fact, there’s a full-blown, completely uncharacteristic thunderstorm going down outside.

It’s the most beautiful thing. And an immense relief after days of intense heat and months of drought.

My little niece, Lillian

On Friday 5 January 2018, life changed forever and took a turn for the better when sweet Lillian Krige was born at 08:25 in the morning.

I love the fact that I can claim a little piece of her birth story – and I will tell it to her till she’s blue in the face one day. Guillaume and I were spending a bit of time at their holiday house in Gordon’s Bay after a hectic Christmas period and invited Imar and Tamara over for fish & chips.

Tamara – 2 days overdue already – seemed a little uncomfortable, but I didn’t think much of it.

We had a lovely evening, went off to bed and a few hours later, Lillian made her appearance in the world. Those fish and chips sure did the trick!

I met her later that day and was overwhelmed by the magic of it all. A whole new person in the world… and we get to be her family. Mind-blowing!

She’s a month old now and I so look forward to watching her grow, seeing her develop and marvelling at the way her personality unfolds.

Lillian, you know this already, but you are so welcome and deeply loved. xx

Nahko Bear

It’s strange, but his music always finds me at just the right times.

A couple of years ago, he popped onto my horizon during a particularly rough patch and brought some crazy perspective. Aloha Ke Akua and Black as Night became my anthems and still bring positive energy to my days when I need it most.

I recently rediscovered his good vibes when Yoga Girl (Rachel Brathen) did an interview with him on her podcast. When I told Guillaume about it, he said that strangely enough, Cobus had sent him a link to one of Nahko’s songs that very week.

My favourite tunes right now are:


Die like Dinoz

All can be done

We are on time

Love letters to God

Tus Pies (Your Feet)


I needed exercise and I needed it bad. Not because I wanted to lose weight or even because I wanted to tone (that was a big consideration, though!), it’s just that I’ve spent too much time being static and NEED to MOVE! Move, move, move and move some more.

So, I signed up for a monthly pass at Ballet on Kloof, where I do a couple of barre and yoga classes a week. I tried one ballet session, but bruh! It’s way too hard!

This is my second week and I’m feeling the benefits already – muscles are actually making a shy appearance and my sleep has improved 100%.

Getting some help

Which brings me to the next point. For the longest time, I was in denial about the crippling nature of my anxiety.

Then I hit a super duper low earlier this year and finally decided to see a doctor about it (and my sinuses, which was also good). She was so kind and understanding, gave me some great advice and put me on meds that will hopefully help boost my serotonin levels.

Of course, I’m not relying solely on this, but making a concerted effort to live my best life and do the things I enjoy: go hiking more, dipping my toes into the ocean as often as possible, spending time with the people I love and love me right back, laughing as much as possible, skating on my perfect new sugar skull board.

I’m feeling 10 000 times better, but I know there will still be many ups and downs. I’m just grateful to have friends and family who understand and deal with my rough days, my zoned out days, the irritable ones and the sad ones. I know it can’t be easy.

But here’s to many, many, many more of the happy ones!

My tribe

I was extremely lucky to spend a lot of December hanging out with cousins, aunts and uncles I haven’t seen in a very long time. We all gathered for two special occasions – Christmas and my cousin, Lea’s wedding.

During this time, I was just blown away by the tenuous connection we all share. Sure, we’re all very different and don’t necessarily see eye-to-eye on a lot of things. But, that’s okay. We’re quick to rally when it matters most. And I think that’s amazing.

Some cousins (and friends) on dad’s side of the family at Dinele’s wedding last year.

While I’m lucky to come from a family that feels like my tribe, I’m also looking forward to rekindling some of the friendships I let slip over the years. And cherishing those that have been walking faithfully along beside me for a while now.

I’m finding 32 particularly tough so far. There seem to be more questions than answers. Conflicting desires – ambitions to do more, be more, learn more, but also the longing to just settle down somewhere with a little patch of earth and live simply.

The encouraging thing is that I don’t seem to be alone in this. Maybe being in your 30s is a time of realignment, some upheaval and uncomfortable honesty. It’s comforting to look into the eyes of friends who are dealing with questions and conflicts of their own and being able to share those powerful moments of ‘me too’.

45mm film

It’s official – I’m in love with film photography. Go have a look at some of my latest snaps in this post I did earlier this week.

Being part of Solid Stuff

I’ve joined forces with Solid Stuff, our family business, and feel happy to be contributing to and form part of something bigger. Imar – a graphic designer by trade – has been working his butt off for a couple of years now to establish the business, with lots of help from Tamara and my mom.

Since I started freelancing again last year, it just made sense to add my skills to the mix and it’s going pretty well so far.

I’ve got a few really cool clients at the moment and it’s nice to feel like I could be building out a whole new wing of Solid Stuff.

We’re all very excited to see where things will take us.

Also, if you need any design, words or photography – let us know!

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