Snaps: Fun with 35mm film

Over the past few months, I’ve really fallen in love with film photography.

It all, of course, started with my little Camino experiment (which you can read all about over on Slow Drive) and now I’m seriously hooked.

After the two films I’d taken along for the trip filled up just before our return to South Africa, I bought another roll of 35mm at a little shop in Porto to capture a last few shots of the beautiful old city before we left. I ended up only taking about four or five, however, which left me with 19 or 20 snaps for home.

Even though I’ve been really bad at remembering to take my camera everywhere with me (which I’m totally going to do from now on) I finally finished the film and had it developed last week.

I was surprised by how the texture, tone and colour differed from the photos I’d taken on the previous two films. These seem to have a lot more ‘grit’ and less saturation.

I wasn’t mad about it at first, but they’ve grown on me over the past few days.

The first two rolls were taken on Fujicolor C200 film, while the second was a roll of 200 Kodak film. I had the first two developed at Orms in Roeland Street and the second at Cameraland in Long Street. So, there were a couple of notable differences.

Of course, I bought another film (Fujicolor C200 again, since it doesn’t seem like Kodak is widely available here in South Africa) and am looking forward to another 36 experiments over the coming months!

In the meantime, here are a couple of shots I quite like from my recent film:

Porto panorama
Park in Porto
Porto Albergue
Miguel is the owner of the Albergue in Porto and the most wonderfully kind and welcoming host.
Sandokan sunning himself at the front door in Betty’s Bay.
Mamma and pappa walking on the beach in Betty’s Bay.
Looking for otters. Always.
Remote working with Marli at Rockpool.
My favourite mountains <3
My favourite face on the promenade
Self-timer miracle. Newlands Forest.
Koeel Bay surfers. Clarence Drive.
Kleinmond beach.
Another self-timer miracle along Clarence Drive.
A shot to fill the film. Smiley face on the store room next to my car in the garage.


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