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Snaps: Rod’s Trail, Betty’s Bay

While the past week or so has been a rather stormy one down here in the Western Cape, I must say, we’ve really been blessed with some particularly pleasant winter weather.

And nowhere is a bright winter’s day more beautiful than in Betty’s Bay. Anyone familiar with that side of the world will know that for 80% of the year it’s a high energy zone – all gale force winds and stormy seas. But when it decides to take a breather and… just… rel…ax, it’s seriously the most exquisite place in the world.

While these jewel-days pop up unexpectedly year-round, the ones that arrive between May and September always take my breath away with just a little more vigour. The mountains wear a soft and pretty haze, the ocean drops into a slumber of lapping lightly onto the shore and the tips of wild proteas catch the light and take on a luminescence of their own.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit my parents on mild-weathered weekends such as these a couple of times this year and on most occasions we soak up the sun by taking a little walk somewhere.

One of our very favourites is Rod’s Trail, a 2km (or so) hike wending its way along the foot of a section of the Kogelberg mountain range that towers over the town, starting at Disa Kloof campsite and ending at the Centre Shop (or vice versa).

It offers spectacular views of the entire coastline – from Silversands beach and its famous dune all the way to Hawston way in the distance – and takes you through an incredible array of Fynbos species.

During the walk you will certainly encounter a lovely selection of birds and if you’re very lucky, you may even spot a Klipspringer, as we did once!

Difficulty: It’s a very easy walk and suitable for all fitness levels and ages.

Pet-friendly: Dogs are welcome and need not be on leashes all the way (best to tie them up, though, when approaching other people along the way).

Logistics: Unless you plan on turning round at the end and going back the way you came (which is totally cool, if that’s what you feel like doing), make an arrangement to leave a vehicle at the other end too or get someone to come and pick you up.

Distance and time: +/- 2km. The pace depends entirely on what you feel like. If you’re walking fast you can easily do it in 45mins.

Here are a few pics from our most recent hike:




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