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A short list of things I saw on the Sea Point promenade lately that made me smile

The other day I felt a little cooped up in my flat after a long day of working from home and decided to go for a walk along the sea. I also happened to have had an awfully ‘fat day’, so the intended stroll snowballed into a spontaneous jog-walk combo (to my surprise), measured in landmarks – from the Winchester Mansions Hotel to the seal-shaped bench {walk} from the far side of Three Anchor Bay to the big glasses {walk} etc.

While huffing and puffing along, I somehow still managed to catch snatches of conversation, pretty scenes and poignant interactions that made me smile (and even cry a little bit on the inside) at how very saturated with life those ephemeral moments in-between are.

I’ve written about my love for the Sea Point promenade once before, about my deep-seated fascination with the unfiltered expressions of humanness that play themselves out there and decided it was time to share some of my most recent observations.

So, here’s a short list of the things I saw on the promenade the other day that squeezed my heart:

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  • A little girl in a pram crossing her legs like a real lady, squinting into the sun while her mom, immersed in conversation with a sister or a friend, pushed her along.
  • An old man with one-and-a-half leg whizzing by in a shoprider, a blissful (somewhat naughty) smile spread across his face.
  • A charcoal Corsa parked next to the road, bursting at the seams with the combined  bulk of four or five strapping young men belting out a song in perfect rhythm and harmony.
  • People taking photos. Some capturing the setting sun, others snapping selfies, but most aiming their lenses at a loved one, posing with the vast Atlantic stretching off into infinity behind them. I’m always struck by the vulnerability of it, whether you’re the one photographing or being photographed, there’s something very endearing about wanting to immortalise a beautiful moment.
  • Two young boys racing along on skateboards, each clasping an additional board to his side. So caught up in the glory of their own velocity that nothing else mattered or even existed in those few seconds.
  • A couple having a spontaneous picnic on the grass. No fancy baskets or blankets, no candy-striped straws sticking out of Consol jars, just a packet of chips and two cold drinks, because some afternoons are perfect as they are.
  • A dad totally engrossed in helping his toddler son navigate the monkey bars on the jungle gym, mom sitting on a bench close by smiling.

Sometimes I wish I could walk around with a camera and make it my life’s work to document these slices of life, but somehow I think it would rob them of their essential magic.

Some things, I suppose, are best enjoyed in passing, albeit with a huff and a puff.

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