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Slow Drive – the journey

If you’ve been in contact with me at all over the past year or so, you would probably know about a little passion project I’ve been intimately involved with called Slow Drive.

The name may have popped up in conversation or you might have spotted me posting about it on social media. But, if we haven’t sat down and had a good chat in a while you could be a little confused about what exactly it is.

Firstly, Slow Drive is an actual print publication, something we have come to call a coffee table magazine and it’s filled with tales about travel. Some take the form of photo essays, while others delve into the deeper realms of emotion associated with journeying. Some of the stories are quirky and amusing, while others tug at your heartstrings inexplicably.

And since the tagline is Travel | Photography | Stories | Life, I thought I’d tell you a bit about my Slow Drive journey.

It all started about a year ago, shortly after I met Guillaume.

He told me about this dream he had to share travel stories and photography, but that he found the current trend of ‘top 10 places to…’ uninspiring and altogether too fleeting. There was a gap for something more emotional, raw and ultimately tangible.

The more we spoke about it, the more our vague ideas took shape, until one day we put it all on paper and sent it out into the world. Within no time the wheels were in motion – photographs and stories started rolling in from various corners of the globe and we felt the fluttering of butterflies in our stomachs: this was really happening.

While I helped out with words, Guillaume spent hours on layout & design. Printers were contracted, packaging supplies purchased, shipping costs figured out… And suddenly one day we had the proof of Volume 1 in hand followed, a week or two later, by the delivery of boxes containing the final product.

Fast forward just over 6 months and here we are again: another beautiful edition filled with whimsical photo stories and gripping travel tales – from ephemeral wanderings through India to one couple’s vanlife in Australia, a solo bike journey across the continents to an exploration of ‘travel’s inbetween’.

While my role in the whole production process is pretty tiny, I have loved helping coax this special passion project from an idea into something substantial.

So substantial, in fact that this volume boasts 150 pages and 13 contributors.

This time round we also feature a couple of interviews, something we didn’t really have in Volume 1. It was a real honour to chat (via email, because they’re all off wandering the world) to three sets of inspiring travellers with colourful characters.

Here are sneak peeks of the articles:

Jonny and Jess Dustow from Rebel on a Rainbow told me all about their #vanlife Down Under


Sarah Duff shared some stories about the amazing globetrotting she and her fiance, Joe Lawrence have been doing over the past year. They’ve been working as they travel and seem to be making a roaring success of their careers while seeing the world!


Solo adventurer De Bruyn Joubert answered some questions about his epic Around 7 Continents journey


Having two volumes behind us now, it’s fun to compare them and see how far we’ve come. It’s also great to get feedback from our readers, as we want to keep improving our product.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Slow Drive – our hearts have been warmed by the keen interest from family and friends, social media acquaintances and complete strangers. We love the way in which every single person has done their bit to spread the stoke.

If you’re interested in purchasing Volume 2, it retails at R180. You can place an order on the Slow Drive website (we ship both locally and abroad) or get it from one of our exclusive stockists:

If you’re based in Johannesburg, The Jungle just got a fresh batch of magazines earlier this week and if you’re heading along the Garden Route anytime soon, be sure to take a little detour into Heidelberg and pop in at Newly Defined to grab a Slow Drive and poke around all the cool antiques.


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