Wednesday wish list

Five things that I wish were mine this week:

1. This Rowdy Rucksack with world map print. 


2. Rugged, yet feminine lace up boots a little like these. Perfect for wearing with skinny jeans and oversize jerseys, floaty dresses and tights or even soft high-waisted maxi skirts.

aeo lace-up boot  american eagle outfitters-f52312

3. Pixie hair. I want to try going pixie so, so, so badly, but just a little bit scared.

pixie cut

4. A Sea Wolf album – just discovered their music this week and fell in love. My favourite songs so far are The Garden you Planted and You’re a Wolf. Give them a listen.

Sea wolf

5.  A magical, bearded mixture of Adam Brody (as Seth Cohen)Sufjan Stevens and Bear Grylls to cross my path and be my soul mate.

Ribbet collage

Photos from: 1, 2, 3Adam Brody, Sufjan and Bear


  • jessicajhill

    This is the best list I’ve ever seen – and I feel like I could have written it myself (though, I admit I’ve neve heard of Sea Wolf – I’m way out of the loop). That bag is super cute, I bought a pair of boots like that, but returned them when I decided I couldn’t rock them because the pixie cut I had at the time was almost grown out. Adam Brody combo? Supersize, please.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and choosing to follow along. I hope you enjoy the journey!.

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