DIY Flower garland

Flower garland. Nadia Krige/Gypsified

My cousin, Larel, turned 21 the other day and decided to celebrate the momentous occasion by throwing a ‘Magical Forest’ themed party. In the first place, I can’t think of a theme more suited to the fairy-dust-sprinkling person she is (her middle name is quite suitably Fawn) and in the second place, I thought it would be the PERFECT opportunity to wear a lush flower crown.

My original idea was to just buy a plastic one from a dress-up shop or something, but I wasn’t sure where to go. So, I asked Twitter and that is when Rebecca from Love Made Visible suggested I try making one myself.

Now, I’m no DIY goddess, but thought I may as well TRY… and, you know, if it does end up being the epitome of a Pinfail, well, so be it.

I scouted around the internet and found a pretty simple tutorial for exactly the type of garland I wanted on Honestly WTF and set out on a mission to gather all the items I would need:

  • Flowers and greens with stems trimmed to about 5cm (I just bought two bunches from the flower sellers in Adderley Street, but picking your own certainly makes it even more authentic.)
  • Florist wire
  • Florist tape or string
  • Scissors

Flower garland. Nadia Krige/Gypsified

I got the florist wire and tape from Little Denmark in the Adelphi Centre, Sea Point (but you can probably find it at any florist shop) and the guys there were super helpful with tips and ideas of their own. They were also a bit disappointed that the garland wasn’t for some big occasion in MY life: first they thought I was getting married, then when I told them it was for a 21st they assumed it was mine (bless!)

Now for the actual making-of:

Flower garland. Nadia Krige/Gypsified

Bend two pieces of wire into a semi-circle and put them together to form a circle that would sit snuggly round your head. Where the two semi-circles overlap, wind the two wires around each other and then cover with florist tape or rope.

Flower garland. Nadia Krige/Gypsified

Now, arrange your flowers and greens into between 10 and 15 little bunches of about 4 or 5 flowers each. If you want a uniform crown, make sure that each bunch contains the same flowers, arranged in the same way. However, if you want a more wild/natural-looking garland, try having a variety of different flowers and arrangements. Tie each bunch together (tightly) with florist tape or string. Flower garland. Nadia Krige/Gypsified

Finally, start arranging the flower bunches around the wire circle, securing each (tightly) with florist tape. Lay each bunch of flowers over the stem of the previous bunch, so they all face the same direction. Make sure the bunches are secured tightly, so they don’t fall off the moment you pick the garland up off the surface you’re working on.

Once you’ve completed the circlet, ever so carefully lift it up and place on top of your head, like so…

Flower garland. Nadia Krige/Gypsified
No, I didn’t go as a naked nymph. I went as Autumn , can’t you see? And was actually wearing a red velvet strapless dress.

To keep it fresh, sprinkle some water over the completed garland and place in the fridge (placing an icy cold flower crown on your head is the perfect pre-party refreshment!). The best way to transport it is to place it in a flat tray until you get to your destination.


  • Treska Botha

    Nadi, I just loved your garland and even MORE so after following your intriguing journey towards making it. I LOVE DIY and especially flowers!! You were indeed the nymph of the forest!! Just refreshingly beau
    tiful. Well done!!!

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