A few Friday realisations

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nadia krige/gypsified

It’s Friday, so thought I’d share a few things I realised/remembered/rediscovered this week:

1. I really love AFI… and Pennywise. Since I haven’t been listening to hardcore(ish) music as much as I used, I kind of forgot how much I LOVE these two bands.

2. Thoughts are much more fun when you think them in a Jamaican accent. Try it.

3. Kindness is always, always appreciated.

4. Sometimes leopards just need a soft spot to lay their heads at night too.

5. Platypuses have the best. walk. ever.


4 thoughts on “A few Friday realisations

  1. Good realisations! That leopard story is priceless 🙂
    I had two realisations of my own this week; watering cans are just big teapots and “trampoline” is a weird word and even weirder concept…

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