Happy weekend


(Pink Gypsy cats)

Well, that was the longest week ever! Or what?

Not sure if it’s just because the wind’s been messing with my mood or because the holiday is so damn close, yet still so far…  all I know is that I haven’t been this DESPERATE for a weekend in a while. A long while.

So, let’s do something we haven’t done in ages, shall we?

A hand-picked song or two to kick off the good times!

First up: “Truth can hurt” by a band called First Aid Kit off the EP ‘Plaits.

I happened upon it quite by chance, as I was listening to another band by the same name on GrooveShark when suddenly this decidedly different sound popped up in between.

The First Aid Kit I was actually listening to is a Swedish  duo consisting of sisters Klara and Johanna Söderberg from Stockholm who sing folk-country-indie in a way that would make most American southerners swoon.

This First Aid Kit hails from Barcelona, Spain and while I haven’t been able to find out much more about them, they seem to consist of a girl and a guy and produce ambient, electronic-tinged melodies.

And then: The best version of Carly Rae-Jepson’s “Call me Maybe” you’ll ever hear, by a gorgeous blonde next generation Jack Johnson. Ladies and gents (but mostly ladies), meet Ben Howard! (I’m just linking to it, because I’m scared the BBC’s going to get me if I embed the video)


(UK Festival guide)

So, hope you have a cracking weekend! xx

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