Happy mmmmmovember

Well, hello Movember, you month of manliness you!

Hmm hmm hmm!

I remember a time not too long ago when girls would ‘gril’ at the mere thought of their men sprouting whiskers for a whole 30 days, threatening to leave legs unshaven in protest and all sorts of rebellious things, but a quick survey among my female colleagues seems to suggest that sentiments have changed! (Well, I’ve always been a facial hair fan, so my sentiments have stayed the same)

Yes, that’s right! Guys, we’re pretty damn excited to see what fantastic facial hair you can whip up over the next 4 weeks 🙂

So, while we wait…

(Henry’s tache)

We heart it

(Srsly Cute)

(Beatbox goes thump)

And my personal favourite… Dan Smith from Listener 🙂

(We heart it)

(Jetpacker rollerskates)


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