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Friends, today I experienced one of the most ass-kicking internet days of my entire life. It’s true.

There was just so much goodness finding its way onto my screen, as though I had been manifesting “lols,” “awws” and “awesomes” for months on end, a-la followers of/believers in The Secret, only to have it all culminate in one spectacular day!

It’s been so overwhelming, I just had to share the cream of the already very creamy crop with you.

Rock ‘n Roll bride

Rockabilly brides with red shoes and tattoos, grungy grooms, pink hair, leopard print, skulls and all sorts of wayward wedding paraphernalia feature on this bouncy blog. And while not all the weddings are equally aesthetically pleasing, it’s cool to see gutsy people doing something different. Go check it out and tell me your thoughts!

Naming James

Photo: Naming James website

I don’t know how this swashbuckling singer/song writer/string breaker from Johannesburg has been scooting around under my radar for so long, but it kind of feels like time wasted! Listen to a few of the sample tracks from his/their (not too sure) first full length album, ‘The Butcher’s Knife,’ and then come watch him/them perform at Zula Bar on August 18. Peachy Keen will be there too!

Buttermilk, the bouncy goat

Just a video of a cute little goat with waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much energy. Even his brothers and sisters don’t know what hit… or actually, kicked… them! Found by the lovely Jerusha on Jezebel.

Dapper creatures

Pics: Honestly WTF

Check out artist, Ryan Berkley’s illustration of genteel animals donning suits, bow ties, fedoras and other feathered hats.

He even has a story for each. Here’s the eye-patch-wearing cheetah’s: “After cataract surgery ten years ago, this cheetah realized that an eyepatch can be a real conversation starter with the ladies. His eye has long since healed but his social calendar remains quite full.”

Found on Honestly… WTF.

Chad le Clos’ father

Ah, and I couldn’t leave this one out! A heart-warming interview with the father of our Olympic athlete of the moment, Chad le Clos. It’s the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a long time: he calls his sun beautiful, rubs his belly and can’t quite find the words to express his love and admiration. Truly a tear-jerker. Check it out on 2OceansVibe

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