Full moon cycling

I’ve always had a thing for the moon. Especially the full moon, hanging out there in the ether like a large paper lantern that rose and rose and rose… and then decided to get stuck just there where it could watch over our little billiard ball planet. Sometimes she seems to get lonely, and decides to wake me up, reaching through the smallest crack in the blind with her luminous grey-white rays to say “Oh, oops, I woke you up… sorry! But seeing your eyes are open now, let’s chat.” Kind of like a cat.

Last night she didn’t wake me up as usual, because you see La Lune wasn’t lonely and also not bored. She had the company and amusement of 900 bicycles navigating their way through the Mother City’s darkened streets.

And I was steering one of them.

It was my first #moonlightmass and I have to tell you, it was even more riveting than my usual sunset cycles in Sea Point.

Starting in the atrium-like area below the Green Point circle, close to the stadium, we wended our way toward the Waterfront, then took a sho’t left to Mouille Point. Rode on past the red-and-white lighthouse, the putt putt course and the world’s third largest maze, all the time breathing in fresh sea salty air. Back to Somerset Road and on and on and on, over Buitengracht, up Long and down Loop, till finally we all came to a stop at Greenmarket Square.

It was a motley collection of cyclists: old and young, hipster and businessman, some kitted out to the tee and others (like myself) still wearing the day’s clothes. Even Mrs Zille joined in the fun.

And the bicycles! Oh the bicycles. Mountain and road, cruiser and BMX, pink, blue, black, white and many shades of green. There were even a couple of skateboarders, one girl being towed by her friend.

I’m thinking of making it a regular thing, so please come and join me next full moon! Check out the Moonlight Mass website for more details.

Here are some pics. They kind of suck, but what’s important is that you can see it’s dark and that there are people with bicycles. Or what?


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