Menagerie: Snow Monkeys

I know Menagerie is supposed to happen strictly on Mondays, but I came across an animal so crazy and cute that I couldn’t resist doing a post today. Sure it will serve as a good mid-week boost, no? (Came across it on my friend’s Facebook cover pic of all places!)

So, introducing to you the Snow Monkey also known as the Japanese macaque or the Nihonzaru.

They live at latitudes of 41° to 31° north of the equator, making them the northernmost primates in the world – with the exception of humans of course and can often be seen chilling in hot springs, carrying snowballs and having snowball fights.

Despite obviously having quite fun lives, they seem to be a rather miserable, or maybe serious, bunch. Just google image search them a bit… or follow this link.

True story.


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