Cry at the sloths

By Sergiodelgado – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Okay, so anyone who doesn’t know what a sloth is has clearly been living under some rock… in the desert… since the dawn of YouTube. Maybe it was that Syd from Ice Age who first brought these sweet and slow creatures to our attention, maybe it was Cute Overload, or perhaps ZooBorns. Whatever the case may be, smiley-faced sloths have been giving Maru and the LOL Cats a good run for their money.

So much so that I’ve even been dreaming about them. Okay, I only had one dream, but it was very vivid and involved a tiny, tiny sloth hiding under a leaf… right here in South Africa. Somewhere.

Anyway, I told my cousin, Tanee, about it and she in turn told me about this crazy interview she had seen on the Ellen Degeneres Show with Kristen Bell (of Heroes, Veronica Mars and Gossip Girl narrator fame) who was getting all emotional about a sloth named Melon her boyfriend had hired to attend her recent birthday party. Weird, I know! But, hey, I wouldn’t say no to that either.

By Christian Mehlführer, User:Chmehl – Own work, CC BY 2.5,

Anyway, as things go on the web, the interview – which you can watch a little snippet of on Cape Town Girl’s blog – of course turned into a funky little tune by the Gregory Brothers, the people behind Antoine Dodson’s legendary Bed Intruder song and that guy enraptured by the double rainbow, that can’t not be watched.

Check it out below:

So, in the light of all this, I’ve decided to add them to the Monday Menagerie. 

And before I go, a few funky sloth facts:

1. Their closest relatives are armidillos and anteaters who have similar sets of claws to sloths.

2. They live in trees in the jungles of Central and South America

3. Names for the animals used by tribes in Ecuador include Ritto, Rit and Ridette, mostly forms of the word “sleep”, “eat” and “dirty” from Tagaeri tribe of Huaorani.

4. Which brings me to the point that sloths may be super cute, but they’re also a bit gross. If you really want to read more about the 2-toed sloth’s habit of climbing into outside toilets and eating their contents, check out this article.

5. At least their own toilet behaviour is somewhat more civilized, as they “go to the ground to urinate and defecate about once a week, digging a hole and covering it afterwards.” This makes them particularly vulnerable to predators.


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