Just a cheesy music video

So, the other night we found ourselves humming that legendary Paul Simon song, ‘You can call me Al.’ You know, that feel good song that clubs like Tin Roof (yes, I used to go there when I was young and impressionable) and Deco Dance always crank when the dance floor hits a bit of a lull. (Although I have to admit that I can’t imagine Deco Dance’s checkered floor ever hitting much of a lull!)

Anyway, we don’t know who started it, how it had slipped into the matrix and where the urge to hum it came from… but there we were – first one line, then another then a few more. Until we finally became so aware of it that we had no choice but to turn to Google who then kindly directed us to YouTube.

Little did we know what a glorious cheese fest awaited. A faded pink room, two men – one really tall and one really short – awkwardly sitting on two chairs facing the camera, static movements. But my description does it no justice. Just watch it below and enjoy. What also makes this song super awesome, is the ever so slight South African flavour complete with a penny whistle solo and township jazz-type dance.

Some interesting info about the video courtesy of Wikipedia:

Paul Simon did not like the original music video that was made, which was a performance of the song Simon gave during the monologue when he hosted Saturday Night Live in the perspective of a video monitor. A replacement video was conceived partly by Lorne Michaels and directed by Gary Weis, wherein Chevy Chase lip-synced all of Simon’s vocals in an upbeat presentation, with gestures punctuating the lyrics. Simon wore a bored expression throughout the piece, while also lugging instruments into view… The only time he sings was to provide the bass harmony on the phrases “If you’ll be my bodyguard” and “I can call you Betty” in the chorus.

During the bridge, and fade-out instrumental, Chase and Simon performed a rhythmic dance step in sync. Chase, at 6’4″, towered over the much shorter (5’3″) Simon.

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