Sandokan, the hipster

It’s official. My kittie. Is. A hipster.

I mean look at him. Wearing one of those hipster bandannas, camera tucked in tight by his side.

Sandokan, the hipster with a bandanna. Nadia Krige

Doing that longing, far-off gaze thing to absolute perfection.

Sandokan, the hipster. Nadia Krige

Posing in a well-lit window, showing off how unattainably relaxed and awesome his life is.

Sandokan, the hipster in a well lit window. Nadia Krige

Next thing I know, he will be drinking craft water with weirdo chicks.


Or popping his latest collars on a dedicated Tumblr.

Check out these pics of Sandokan in his rave phase.


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