Happy Weekend

This week was all about being grateful. The little phrase “count your blessings” came up ever so often in conversations, quotes, blogs, and my Facebook feed, forcing me not to ignore it. Obviously it was a message I was meant to hear over and over again this week… and for good reason.

So here are a few things I was grateful for this week:

  • My car broke down on Wednesday, which sucks. But, you know what was amazing? It broke down in our parking lot at work! On the ground floor! While I was feeling very sorry for myself about it for much of Wednesday and Thursday, the immensity of the blessing in disguise suddenly struck me this morning. A mere few hours before the gearbox decided to give in, I was careering around Lion’s Head and Signal Hill for a cell group meeting. It was full moon, so the traffic was hectic. Imagine, just imagine, my car had decided to perform its little drama there. I think I would probably just have pushed it right over that dodgy edge.
  • My big brother. People, I can’t tell you just how many times he has saved my ass from all kinds of things. In his state of man flu, he actually drove all the way down to work to tow my car to the service station in Loop Street. Of course the rope snapped on the way, but he patiently got out, reattached it and calmly explained the situation to the huffy government official stuck behind us. As you know, I am also staying with him and Tamara at the moment until I find a place of my own. They really are life-savers.
  • Family in general, actually. My dad came through to Cape Town on Wednesday to help me search for flats. I had lined up 6 appointments and he trudged around patiently to each one, asking the right grown-up questions I wouldn’t know to ask and collecting the brochures. My mom’s stalwart moral support. And then of course Delish Whiskey Thursday with cousins.
  • Funny and sweet friends who make me laugh whether in person or over the interwebs. I am soooo grateful having to deal with bitchiness isn’t a factor in my life at the moment.
  • All the great coffee and treat places in Cape Town. Deluxe being tops of course, but also had a lovely cuppa from Anthony’s Golden Cup Coffee Shop in Loop street yesterday.
There are obviously many more things to be grateful for, these are just the ones that spring to mind.
Now, one thing I unfortunately can’t be grateful for is the fact that I won’t be watching Tallest Man on Earth aka Kristian Matsson like the rest of the cool Capetonians tonight. But just to make myself feel a bit better, here’s a beautiful video of him singing a song with his wife Amanda Bergman aka Idiot Wind. Look, just look at the way he looks at her! That is LOVE! (Thanks to Kate for posting it to Facebook)

So, on that gooseflesh-giving note, I bid you a happy weekend. One in which you will truly see the blessings of daily life.



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