Things I want to do this year

Happy new year, friends, family, foes, frenemies, hos, and everyone else too!!!

Now, I know New Year’s resolutions are kind of pasé, what with everyone I’ve spoken to recently being too cool to have any. But, I’m afraid I’m just an old school nerd who likes to live with the illusion of clean slates and crazy conversions.

So here goes… 7 things I want to do this year. In no particular order.

1. Get out more


And by that I don’t mean clubbing… but rather getting out into the open air. I want to go hiking, swimming, rowing, picnic-ing, cycling, walking, rolling, flying, frolicking, diving, dancing and camping wherever the city lights don’t reach… or even where they do.

2. Be better with people’s birthdays & other special occasions

Diets are for losers, eat the cupcakes

Frankly, I’ve been terrible with this all my life. So, let’s blame it on the fact that I’m embarrassingly last minute, ever so slightly scatter-brained, and have a strange phobia of phone calls… but these excuses will end.

This year I want to be a better gift giver, caller, visitor and all round celebrator when my friends’ and family’s special days roll round. So, keep me to it 🙂

3. Chill the eff out

It sucks getting stressed out about things. So I don’t want to anymore.

4. Host at least one party

Beach dinner party

Parties are normally things I quite like attending, but really hate arranging. It’s just not something I ever got into, you know? (kriek kriek) Oh, you don’t… Okay, this is awkward.

Anyway, I’ve had a handful of parties – a surprise 16th breakfast, a rocking 21st in Green Point lighthouse, and a Betty’s Bay 24th with sangria and potjiekos readily spring to mind, but mostly I let special dates slip by with only very minor celebrations to mark them.

While it’s fine for me, I think it’s kind of un-fun. So, I’ve decided… this shall be the year of the shindig. I shall have at least one. And it shall have fairy lights, food, flowers, music, and pretty glasses filled with wine/cocktails/punch/more sangria/beer/G&Ts… whatever you want.

5. Go to Afrika Burn

A photo I stole from Nikola (hope it's okay, bru?!)

Because I want to feel what it feels like to walk around naked in the desert.

Okay, people, I’m not being serious. Come on! I have a hard time hosting parties, do you really see me walking round starkers in Tankwa Karoo?

So, the real reason I want to go is just to experience a long gone way of life… and pretend I’m a real gypsy bartering goods, gliding around in floaty dresses and skirts, watching things burn at night…

6. Spend more time with special people

Too often those most important to me get sidelined when the going gets tough. Not cool, right? So no more, okay.

P.S. The picture contains only young people, but my resolution includes all ages… especially grandparents.

7. Sing more

Now you have to understand, I really have no fantasies about my voice bringing fame and fortune. No, no. Thing is just… I used to sing a lot, just softly to myself or along to songs on the radio or without even thinking as I went about my work… but these days not so much. And I miss it. Besides, my voice has gone all weak and groggy. It needs some exercise.

So, there you go. Achievable enough, right?

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