Things I saw in Namibia

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I’ve shown you Kolmanskop, but the rest of my trip around the south of Namibia was also pretty cool. There were wild horses in Aus, water gathered among red dunes in Sossusvlei, G&T sundowners in the Kalahari prepared by a guide called Happy, a pool overlooking the desert at Canon Lodge, an infamous snuff machine, the Fish River Canyon and a very large fluffy cat.

Namibia flag. Nadia Krige

Sundowners in the Kalahari. Nadia Krige
If Happy ever gives up being a guide, he could always be a barman.
Long road. Nadia Krige
One can't not take a photo like this in Namibia.
Kokerboom in kar. Nadia Krige
Spotted at Canyon Roadhouse

Fluffy cat. Nadia Krige


Infamous snuff machine at Canyon lodge. Nadia Krige
This is a snuff machine. If you ever visit the south of Namibia, you are bound to encounter one. Great ice breaker 🙂
Fish River Canyon.
Fish River Canyon.

Sossusvlei reflection. Nadia Krige


Wild horse, Aus. Nadia Krige
I'm a stallion!

Desert critters. Nadia Krige


Kolmanskop. Nadia Krige

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    1. Carolee Adams – What a fun way to celebrate your new avetndures as the Perkes Family. Hope you continue to be the wonderful influence to your sweet son! Love you, The Adams’We will be in Utah for Stephanie’s shower April 2nd from 6-8pm in Highland (near the point of the mountain between SLC and Provo). We would love to see you!

  1. These are awesome photo’s! I am *planning/hoping/wishing/dreading* hiking through the Fish River Canyon at some stage this year, your photo’s make me want to be there NOW! xx

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