Monday poem

Twas the day before pay day, and all through my purse

Not a cent was ka-ching, chinging, not a note sang a verse

The fridge was deserted, left completely bare

In the hopes that a grocery shopping trip would soon be there.

In the mean time, I was nestled all snug in my bed

Because, frankly, that’s all you can do when you’re stuck in the red.

My friends were out partying, my family going for breakfast, dinner and lunch

Every time they had to pay for me, I bet they wished they could just give me a punch.

But, here’s some good news… And I’m sure you’ll agree

It’s about time you were hearing it from me.

Today is Monday, and it may bring those blues

But tomorrow is a bright new day, and it starts with a Tues!

With a vibration and a famous Beep-beep,

It will be rung in while I’m still asleep,

With a welcome text from FNB, that will say

“Today is the day you will get your pay and, once more, be okay!”

Yippee yay!

– Cute piggy picture by Imar Krige




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