Snaps: Roadtrippin’ delights

I recently got to go on a six-day trip along the Garden Route and up to the Eastern Cape for work. While there were a few stressful moments, being work and all, the trip was rather refreshing and gave me an opportunity to see some sweet, awesome and interesting things.

Here are a few…

Me. Taken on Wilderness Beach
How about a walk on air? Wilderness beach
I love these Eastern Cape trees. Shamwari game reserve
Pinching for the loo it seems. Shamwari Game Reserve
Die klippertjies onder ons voete. Wildernis strand
Watcher of the Wolf Sanctuary gates
One shot costs you R500... Shamwari Townhouse, PE
Yum. Taken in Storms River
Lost in the '50s. Storms River
Baby, baby, sweet, sweet. Shamwari Game Reserve
Mom and baby blur. Shamwari Game Reserve
Another beauty. Shamwari Game Reserve
Monkey curtains. Lake Pleasant Living
Best friends. Oceana beach and wildlife reserve
Bubesi. Shamwari Game Reserve



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