7 Things I learnt at Rocking the Daisies

1. Playing the damsel in distress always works wonders, as Marieke and I found out while pathetically trying to pitch the pen-less tent my wonderful BF, Morne lent us. First we borrowed a hammer from the guy next door, but when we evidently had no clue what to do with it, the guy camping right behind us came to offer his services. Don’t think his British girlfriend was too impressed, but oh well!

2. The best place to be in a heatwave is… under a tree. It’s true! We tried a few of the music tents, we tried a little stall selling crystals, we tried hats, sunglasses and sunscreen, but the best place turned out to be a little patch of trees conveniently close to the main stage. I even had a little nap there.

Or you could just make some shade of your own...

3. Murphy and his stupid little law gets me every time! For instance – I’m not a person who particularly LIKES cold showers, but when I woke up on Saturday morning and found myself slap bang in the middle of the boiler rooms of hell – further confirmed by the sinful conversations of our close by neighbours – I thought it might be a good idea.

So, off I went to the designated media area with its distinct VIP air and its wonderfully short queues to make the most of my accreditation. I fell in line behind a few of the other hot, bothered and bedraggled chosen ones and patiently waited my turn.

Finally at the front of the queue, I watched the sets of shuffling feet peeking out beneath the five or so doors with growing anticipation and was overjoyed to hear the welcome sound of a lock unlatching… only to have the previous occupant tell me: “Just be careful, there’s ONLY hot water in this one. And it’s boiling.” I stood there for a moment, weighing up my options and decided clean hair is more important than cooling down, so to the shower I went.

Bad decision all in all: too much shampoo + scorching water = a mess of ever-frothing soapy hair. Dry and soapy hair + rock fest dust = a nest of tangles alike to dreads, just much less attractive. Hygiene fail if ever there was one. So, does anyone know if Johnson&Johnson’s No More Tangles works for grown-ups too?!

4. Old habits die hard… especially among old friends. I was lucky enough to meet up and party with 3 of my oldest friends. We all went to primary school together and belonged to a super group of seven girls. Five of them had been together since preschool and the other two of us were invited – because that’s how primary school girls roll – to join when we started going to the school in grade 6. Anyway, sometime during grade 6 or 7 we came up with an alphabet of hand signs to foil the efforts of those around us to pry on our all important conversations. Guess what?! We can still communicate in this manner almost faultlessly! Yay for Anchen, Erica, Helene and I – Ilze, Lani and Elzaan were greatly missed! Hoe lykit met ‘n reunie, dames?!

Sadly Helene was missing here 🙁

5. I like Lark more every time I see them… especially the tribal-tinged love song “Brave.” I couldn’t find an official music video, but press play on the video below, taken at The Assembly in 2009 to get a bit of a taster.

6. Crop tops and short shorts are on the fashion cards this summer – *Groan* Which means I guess I am on the fashion bench. On the brighter side I also glimpsed a lot of gypsy-inspired looks, which I LOVE! So, guess I will just be cashing in on that as much as I can.

I really liked this look, however. Very vintage

7. I like leaving early on a Sunday – I know it sounds lame, but I find lingering around rock festivals on the last day a bit depressing. So, soon after waking up and waiting in the Daisy Den queue for about an hour to shower – which was wonderfully mild – Marieke and I packed our stuff and hit the road to be back in Cape Town before 10. And I kind of didn’t regret it… much fun was had over the other two days, so all was good!

Ray Ban beach balls bouncing around during aKing
Marieke, Alicia and Anchen being all merry and stuff
Cool headgear was a must!
Sunset dreaming
Some stompers in the Nu World Beats Ring

Peachy Keen - the coolest girls around
Cool fishing hat 🙂


  • tanee

    hehe had a good chuckle: you and shampoo and water and all!!

    oh dear! croptops!! really!?! better start doing my crunches and yoga again!! 😉

    it looked like fun! (did you see jacqui there?!)

    • Nadia

      Yes, croptops!! How disturbing! I don’t know if any amount of crunches and yoga will be able to save me 🙁 hahahaha! It was super fun! xx

  • Karlien

    Thanks for the pictures, feel like I was there! Awesome stuff! P.S. Can totally relate to your shower problems, the same thing happened on a boat to Finland with me. Only hot water+shampoo in your hair= Possible burn injuries.

  • Ilze Marais

    Okay ek weet ek is laat maar love jou blog soos altyd Nadia 🙂
    Ek dink ek moet volgende jaar oor my vrees (haat) vir tente kom en saam gaan, kan nie glo ek het uitgemis terwyl julle almal so lekker saam gekuier het nie! En ons moet definitief reunie hou, dit sal great wees!

    • Nadia

      Hahahaha! Geweet ek sal een of ander tyd ‘n comment by jou uitlok, Ilzetjie 🙂 Dankie!
      Ja, ons het jou gemis! Helene, Anchen EN Erica is keen vir ‘n reunie, so ons sal moet begin reel! xx

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