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Snaps: Camping in Algeria

Algeria in Cape Nature’s Cederberg Wilderness area that is…

It was my first time and, well, I think I fell in love just a tiny bit.

Even though the evenings were somewhat chilly, the days were beautifully bright and springy, allowing us to explore the almost Mars-like rock formations, the wow-I-feel-so-small-and-young ‘Stadsaal grot’ and a patch of khoi/san rock art.

During a short walk among the exuberant floral schmorgasboard we encountered a very curious Grey Rheebok and some super chilled lizard-thingies. When the sun got hot and our feet got tired, we rested on some smooth river rocks and munched away at apples.

Back at camp the rushing Rondegat River kept us company throughout the day – serenaded us to sleep at night and greeted us joyfully in the morning, while the stately trees stood guard as we slept and coaxed us out of our slumber by filtering the first rays of sunlight down on us through their high up branches.

We brunched on gas cooker bacon and eggs, scraped the bottom of the black potjie searching for the last juicy scraps, braaied puffy pastel coloured, coconut-covered marshmallows from the Piketberg general dealer on sticks found underfoot and… spent our time just being.

I think my mom pretty much summed the whole experience up, when she said: “This is total paradise… Maybe we’re all dead!”

But here are a few photos, so you can see for yourself.

And because I’m a happy snapper, there’s a next post with even MORE pics!

Rock Art


Pretty rocks
Stadsaal cave


Matjies River


Spot Lot's wife


My dad making brunch in Imar's apron








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