Branching out on the blogosphere

Guess who’s been spotted elsewhere in the vast and fascinating blogosphere…

Why, it’s me! And my cousin Nikola! And we’re on This Red Lipstick, an ever-entertaining blog run by the lovely miss Jerusha.

You, see, she recently did a post about her favourite photo and then asked her readers to send in favourites of their own. And well, being a bit of a sucker for anything vaguely sentimental, I took her up on the challenge straight away and decided to send in the following pic:

I decided to add a vintage tinge to it - the original is on This Red Lipstick

Although I have many favourites from different occasions, this one just jumped out at me as I scanned my Facebook albums. It’s funny and very unflattering, but a favourite for reasons you will be able to read on Jerusha’s blog.

Why not join in the fun and send a favourite photo of your own? 


  • tanee

    hey bru! i like..
    two things: who took that photo? and whose nose is inthe right-bottom corner??
    i also like Jerusha’s blog.. nice!
    have a good day! miss you!

    • Nadia

      Hey bru!! Hahahahahaha! I didn’t even see the nose in the corner! But I think it’s Morne’s – I remember he was sitting across from us, laughing at us sleeping! And my mamma took the photo 🙂

      Keep your eyes peeled for a post about a certain pretty ellie coming soon! Lots of love

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