A George-ous weekend

So, this past week and a half… no I lie… more like MONTH has been rather hectic. I don’t have the foggiest idea  what’s been going on, but suddenly it seems as though my feet hardly have a half a chance to touch ground before they’re off running again – laces flying, soles burning – getting involved in all kinds of weird, wonderful, fun, fearsome, cool adventures. There’s just no stopping them and, of course, being MY feet and all, I have little choice in this but to follow them.

However, after getting slightly bruised while scaling rock faces naked yesterday (my feet, not me), they seem to have slowed down for a bit, giving my brain and fingers an opportunity to communicate once more, and formulated a few blog posts.

So, over the next few days I will be picking out a few of the highlights, starting today with last weekend’s roadtrip to George (the place) with Anchen to visit Erica.

Getting there (and back) took us a good hour/hour-and-a-half longer than it usually should to do a 430 km journey, as Anchen decided it best to stick to an average speed of 100 km/hour all the way. Strange sensation, but not altogether bad, as we probably managed to save quite wonderfully on petrol AND also kept things safe. Win win win! We also stopped in the little town of Heidelberg along the way for some refreshments and walked away with the best Wimpy combo EVER: a mega coffee with a… wait for it… CREAM CHEESE CARROT MUFFIN!!! Not one of those muffins with cream cheese icing on top, but actual little bombs of cream cheese hidden inside! Delish, I tell you!

Once we got to George we flopped down in Erica’s cozy little flat and had a good and solid catch-up over red wine, followed by a quick soiree at a bar called Cactus. Here we got to encounter some of the interesting locals, and almost wrote our names on the ceiling (it seems to be a THING there)… but fortunately we didn’t have a koki. Most of Saturday was spent sight-seeing and falling in love with magical neighbouring town, Wilderness, all over again. You see, this crush has been coming a loooong time, as I camped there with my family a couple of years ago, and have had a soft spot for it ever since. This time, however, we spent more time in the miniature CBD – eating pizza and having the odd cocktail.

We also met some of the super chilled locals, including a wisened old man who used to be a set painter for the State Theatre in Pretoria, but decided to leave the city life in search of something more wholesome. He now does leather craft, which he sells at the local market, cycles where he needs to go, spends his evenings drinking coffees and chatting to the other locals around the fire at Cocomo’s… all with his beautiful caramel coloured dog by his side.

We also went to check out an AWESOME lookout point called Map of Africa. Although we couldn’t see it properly with the setting sun’s golden light blinding us ever so slightly, a hill in the shape of Africa is its defining feature. Although I would love to go back there soon to see it more clearly, the twilight hour we spent there was glorious in its own way.

On Sunday we headed out to a little market called Timberlake (haha) for an early lunch and a look around. Consisting of intriguing little wooden shops with bright green roofs, a fantastic play park for kids, an organic garden and located right next to a forest it is the cutest, quaintest most wonderful little place! So cute that I am even considering opening a vintage sweet shop there…

But, the photos explain it all – or at least the bits about Map of Africa and Timberlake 🙂

That hill across is the one that looks like Africa.
Erica and Anchen enjoying the view on the other side.
Us under the cool sign
See - the sweet shop idea all makes sense now!
What the sweet shop will look like from outside
The purrrdy coffee shop we ate at.
Erica, Anchen and a man called Leon Minnie
Me buzzing from delish Origin coffee
A birdy stealing sugar and another one WANTING to steal sugar
The other birdy flying away
I want that tea pot!
Love the decor..
Aaaaand they even have a tangled maypole.


  • tanee

    hey bru! such a nice read, again!!
    hehe you “in jou blootje” (thats NAKED in Dutch) along the rock face!! i could just see that!!
    and you should so open the vintage sweet shop! i will come and help you!! or be your biggest fan!
    your photos are lovely aswell!

  • Nadia

    Thanks, bru! Hahahaha! “In jou blootje” – that’s hilarious!

    Oh dear! Don’t know how good I will be with making vintage sweets – but maybe YOU should do it and i will be YOUR biggest fan 🙂

    Missing you! xx

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