For incessant doodlers such as myself, being able to draw an owl is of the utmost importance. Mostly because flowers, stars and hearts sort of get a bit old after a while, and also, because sometimes you just need something cute to stare back at you from a blank page when you’re in need of inspiration or a boredom breaker.

So, my very talented graphic designer brother, Imar came up with the perfect owl drawing DIY tutorial. Here it is, for your convenience:

And although I normally like doodelling with a pen on paper, I decided to try my hand at it on the computer instead… and well, it worked out better than I expected, but it’s just not as cute as Imar’s 🙁 (Sense the age old sibling rivalry right now?!)

Check out my scrawny, blotchy little hooting honey:


3 thoughts on “DIY: Drawing an owl

  1. love this!! will be drawing my owl right now! on paper though, would not even know where to start on my lappie Leno! 🙂

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