Snaps: The hanging gardens of Babylonstoren

I recently realised that I have a huge passion for plants and gardening. Weird, I know! Pity I never knew this as a child/teen, because then I would have jumped at every opportunity to help my parents in the garden and get my hands dirty with a good and solid dig in the earth… but alas, I always thought of it as horrid Saturday afternoon work.

Now, living in a flat, I have to make do with with clay pots, an overly sunny balcony and a constant battle to keep my little plants watered and well.

Anyway, so with this new-found love for all things green and growing, I was absolutely blown away by a recent visit to Babylonstoren estate just outside Franschhoek. Located on the local wine route, the three-and-a-half century old Cape Dutch werf breaks away from the typical rolling lawns and pretty dams of ordinary wine farms, and instead presents the visitor with an overwhelming eight acre garden of botanical diversity.

Within this garden there are more than 300 different plant varieties, and they are all edible. Inspiration for the garden came from Cape Town’s historical Company Gardens, as well as the mythical hanging ones of Babylon (the name obviously lends itself nicely to this!) and they are curated and cared for by an elf-like woman named Gundula Deutschlander.

The next time you head to that area, you just HAVE to go and have a walkabout. It truly is quite an experience. Cost: R10, feeling of refreshed oneness with nature after: priceless!

Here are a few pics

An intricate network of wooden pergolas guide visitors and plants along.
Different plants are placed in patches together for diversity's sake
Gundula - I just loved her colourful outfit. Now there's a woman that can pull off crocs!
Calabash grow on creepers. Did you know?
A secret nook.
Tomatoes make cool shadows, don't you think?
The crocs from close up and some pretty waterplants in the background
Touches of rustic farm life are all over the show
More than 7000 Clivias populate the magical little pathway next to the river.
Stunning Cape Dutch style cottages for overnight accommodation. Pretty, but pricey
Mushroom in the foresty section.
The rustic signage for the restaurant.
Even cacti have a place in the sun here ๐Ÿ™‚


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