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Old Photo Wednesday (on a Thursday): Bygone Cape Town

I came across a most awesome Flickr stream yesterday put together and curated by a man called Etienne du Plessis. The stream goes by the name of Bygone Cape Town and consists of a fantastic array of vintage photos taken around the Mother City in decades gone by.

In the blurb of the stream Etienne explains his collection as follows: “A while ago I looked for some sixties and seventies photos of Cape Town on the Net. To my amazement I could not readily find any.

Having spent some of my most memorable times in the Mother city, I undertook to do something about it, and what you see here is part of an ongoing project to share some of the images of bygone Cape Town.”

Cool, hey?

And so, with no further blabbing away, I present to you a mere handful of the treasure… Follow this link to check out the rest.

Flower seller at the parade 1974
Muizenberg circa 1946. Photo via Bev Jury.
Meet you at Stuttafords for tea 1963. Photo Hubert J. M. Dewas via Andre Dewas.
Fashion shoot in Green Point 1966
Cape Hell Drivers. During the 60s and 70s the Cape Hell Drivers regularly performed to capacity crowds at Goodwood showgrounds and Killarney where this shot was taken.
One of the best delicatessen's in C.T. in Main Rd. Sea Point. Photo Ian Gould
Busy day on the docks circa 1900
Admiring the view in 1950 - no safety barriers in sight!
Inauguration of the State President, 10 April 1968
Christmas shoppers in Adderley street 1953
UCT has come a long way since 1953 it seems. For better or worse, I dunno!
Christmas time in Adderley Street 1977
District 6 on washing day, 1969

And now… two pretty weird ones:

The Balalaika Night Club Dec 1969. Photo by Billy Monk (of course)
Cape Town's king of kitsch, Vladimir Tretchikoff, at work. Finishing off a painting called nude in mink. 1977

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