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Snaps: Sandokan

I can lick my elbow... you?
This sun... it's making me...

I got to spend some time with my cat, Sandokan, over the weekend. He lives with my parents in Betty’s Bay, and has been living there since last year, because the academy (not the one they thank at the Oscars, just the good ol’ Media24 Journalism Academy) had me traversing the country. And, well, this cat is no fan of the gypsy life. Anyway, whenever I go home, I love bonding with him. It always takes a while, because he’s generally quite haughty, but he soon warms up and becomes a real sweetie!

Since my life has stabilised somewhat this year, I’ve been wanting to bring him to live with me in Cape Town, but my dad keeps convincing me that he is not a city cat, but rather a wild hunter of the coast. It’s kind of true, but I also think my dad just fears the empty nest.

However, the thought of him hating Mother City life and trying to run back to his lovely seaside home all along Kloof Street, Buitengracht, the N2 and Clarence Drive just gives me the hibee jebees! What to do?!

Kitty experts out there, some advice please?

This is him in a very lazy sunny Saturday afternoon mode.

P.S. Doesn’t he just have the cutest little vulnerable pink nose?!


  • Madi

    Precious! He is beautiful Nads! Cats just need their own little territory – I think he’lll be fine in CTown – there will always be something for him to hunt…maybe get your dad another kitten to fill the gap?

    • Nadia

      Thank you Madi! Hehe! He really is quite a looker! And so photographable!

      So, you think he will settle in if I just keep him in the flat for the first bit and allow him to get to know his territory? Hehehehe! Yes, maybe a kitten will be the answer… But I’m not sure!

  • Tamara

    perhaps we could make the transission easier for your dad and give rusty to him the same day you take sandukan πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ He looks like a real ‘uncle scar’ in the first pic due to the photo making him look like he is missing an eye!! Awesome photos Nadia!

  • mommy

    he really loves you, you know: right now he’s in a pining phase again, because you’re gone again! being with you might be JUST what he’s been waiting for…

  • tanee

    An old wives tale that seems to work is when you want a cat to know that it is in its new home and that it’s safe, is to put a little butter on one of their paws. They will lick it off and be more settled and clean themselves.
    Put the butter on the cat’s paws right before letting it go outside for the first time. It will pick up soil from around your new home and ingest it as it is cleaning itself. This may help to imprint the new place as home.
    Cream Cheese also works instead of butter.
    I have know idea if it works?! πŸ™‚

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