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Vintage Mondays: Mamma’s boots

Like many of you lovely ladies out there, I’ve been following Marie Claire’s Vintage Mondays religiously since they started a few weeks ago. I mean, what brighter way of heralding the brand new working week could there possibly be than wearing something truly beautiful that just oozes old school charm, no?!

However, somehow it always happens that I forget to dress appropriately for the big day, only to receive the shocking reminder when I log onto Twitter at work!! (Ironically much of the rest of the week is spent wearing something second-hand, swapped or straight from my lovely mommy’s closet)

But today I am glad to announce that I FINALLY remembered and slapped together a suitable ensemble all planned around… drum roll please… my mother’s gorgeous tan real leather knee-high boots!!! As my cousin, Nikola, once pointed out – veeery “Austin Powers: The Spy Who shagged me”!


And, now, because Vintage Mondays are not just about the shallow pursuit of beautiful clothes, but also the stories behind them, let me share:

What makes these boots really, really, really cool and special is the fact that, at the age of 23/24 (roughly the age I am now… give or take a year or two… ahem), my mommy bought them with her very first pay check!

And what makes it even cooler is that, while wearing her boots, I am following closely in her graceful footsteps, carving out a career for myself as a journalist! Though she was working for daily paper, Beeld at the time, and I am working for online travel site, GoTravel24, our careers have had a lot of similarities so far!

These boots are big… and I hope to fill them well 🙂


If you’re a lover of all things old-school and charming, check out Marie Claire features writer and Vintage go-to-girl, Eulogi’s brand new blog. She’s challenged herself to wearing something recycled, vintage and classic for 365 days!! So far so good and many fantastic finds to drool over!


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