My alter egos

Everyone needs one (or a few) for those moments we find ourselves suddenly afraid to do things as… well… ourselves.

They normally manifest as powerful pictures in our minds. Pictures that we like because they are so very, very different from what we really are, yet also, somehow recognizable as another side of ourselves.

At least, that’s what I like to think alter egos are.

These are mine… DON’T LAUGH:

1. The Rock ‘n Roll goddess

Courtney Love in Fairy Wings

Although I’m not even a huge Courtney Love fan, this image I came across sometime during my tumultuous teens has found a solid space in my visual memory. Back then it just represented everything I was not and everything I wanted to be. It represented an ultimate feminine power that I wanted to harness. Even as an adult it often springs to mind when I feel hurt, or low, or angry, or slighted and makes me lift my head just a little.

2. The Jazz singer/Femme Fatale

Xstina in Burlesque

I am about the furthest thing from a Femme Fatale you will ever meet in your entire life. I don’t flirt – I don’t know how, and well, I just don’t consider myself “sexy” as such. But, sometimes the sultry seductress is a veeeeery useful role to take on… especially when unsuspecting males need to be wrapped around your pinkie. Needless to say I haven’t perfected it yet, but it’s developing over time! Maybe when I’m 60 it will come into full force!

3. The successful reporter who dates a super hero on the side and doesn’t even know it

Lois Lane
Aaaaaaaaand again

Although I’m not exactly a ‘in-the-thick-of-it-reporter’ at the moment, there is always that little corner of every journalist’s heart that longs to be the breaker of a beeeeeeeg, huge, massive story. Every time I’m working on something – no matter how banal – I imagine myself to be like the legendary Lois. Hahahahaha!

And who wouldn’t want the added glamour of dating a super hero on the side?!

4. A one-with-the-earth airy fairy nature hippy

Source: twitgoo.com via Nadia on Pinterest

Who wouldn’t want to tame a tiger and put a garland of flowers around its neck, right?!

5. A warrior princess… but not butch old Xena

How about Eowyn?

Rather pretty and delicate Eowyn from The Lord of the Rings. Although she looked all frail and small and pathetic, she did some mean sword work and even slayed a Nazgul. So, whenever I’m feeling small and pathetic, I think of her and feel better :).

So, what are yours?


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