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5 Things I loved about the Royal Wedding

1. The hats

They were crazy, and over the top and nothing I would ever put on my head… but highly entertaining!

2. Harry

Especially Harry in uniform. Yummy.

Apart from being dashing and handsome and oh so eligible, Harry also seemed to be a great support to his brother. Remember that time Wills didn’t watch Kate walk down the aisle, but Harry sneaked a peek and then said something to the groom with a chuckle? Well, the buzz from the bees (i.e. @Enigmeg via @Jezebel via @LaineyGossip on twitter) is that he said: “wait till you see her.” How sweet!

3. The queen looking like a fluffy baby chicken in yellow

4. Kate’s endearing wave

Although you can’t see it clearly in this pic, Kate evidently hasn’t gotten the elegant royal wave down yet. As she was whisked past the crowds she waved in bursts of childlike exuberance, which I thought was quite sweet!

5. This quote from the sermon

“Be who God meant you to be, and you will set the world on fire.” – St. Catherine of Siena


  • tamara

    Ah I loved watching it now! Yes I saw Harry do that and oh my word those hats!!! Don’t know if you heard the commentary about the first lady with the blue hat. She got a nose job last week because of all the drug intake her nose was screwed. shame. 🙂 Anyway. What a beautiful wedding and a sneaky two kisses instead of just one!

    • Nadia

      Oh my word! No I didn’t hear the commentary, but I read about her yesterday! Shame! Yes, it was stunning and loved their two kisses… even though they were a bit prudish, but guess you can’t slobber all over each other with the whole world watching! Hehehe

    • Nadia

      Hello Bullie!! Thank you for the comment… I also think it was just beautiful and Kate pulled it off so well! Hahahaha!! Ya, those cousins… they’re something else! Hugs to you! xx

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