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Happy Easters (said in Nacho Libre accent)

hmmm delish
speckled eggies! Yay

Just a quick post to say… I hope everyone had a blessed and delicious Easter Sunday celebration! With cozy, rainy weather, loads of finger foods, a house full of family and of course baskets and baskets full of chocolate eggs, bunnies and chickens we had an absolutely delightful day of thanksgiving.

I made some chocolate muffins and decorated them with speckled eggs, and even planted a secret caramel-filled choccie egg in the center of a few. Can you say domestic goddess?! Hahaha!

After all that hard work I feel like I really deserve a bit of a break… oh wait! Seems like I’m in luck! Two public holidays this week! Can it get any more blissful?! Now just hoping this lovely snuggle weather holds…

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