My bedroom window
Kitsch and colourful desk
My mommy's old type writer and the record of the only play I ever starred in
Love plants in cages... beautiful bday gift, thanks Bothas
Words of wisdom
I love lamp
Pretty tulip from Neighbourgoods
A place for my books
I've had this CD player since I was about 13
Guitar, rocking chair, divan... 3 of my great loves!
My other great love...
Hearts hanging at the door
Tea time before bed
And if you position yourself just right, our balcony has a beautiful view

So, thought I’d just share a few snaps of the new flat, before it’s not new anymore. Think 2 months is the cut-off, no?!

I took these piccies ages ago, but just haven’t had a chance to put them up… so, thank you lovely long weekend for this perfect opportunity!

The flat isn’t in this pristine condition anymore… you know how one loses one’s awe of a new place about a month after you move in? Well that’s happened and it’s a lot more lived in now. Not a bad thing at all, just glad I took the pics when I did!

I love my flat. That’s all!

4 thoughts on “Making a home

  1. oh it looks so lovely!! and homey! and i see ek-is-ek also has a little place!! 🙂 it looks so nice!!! wish i could pop over for some tea!! love#

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