Friday night snaps: 2 Years Later (YoursTruly)

Fave Long Street spot 🙂
There was a crackling and vibrant atmosphere, as all kinds of interesting people streamed through

My favourite board of the evening. Sadly I didn’t get the artist’s name
Some of the other cool boards

Imar and Tam fit right in
Cool decor
Imar looking bored/tired/tipsy
Thanks for the visit

Long Street’s super popular lunch-time hotspot, YoursTruly, decided to keep its doors ajar a little while longer on Friday night for an extraordinarily colourful and fun skateboard art exhibition.

Going by the name of 2 Years Later the event saw more than 20 of the Mother City’s designers put their medium of choice to test on… you guessed it… skateboard decks.

Although each of the quaint artworks left me gaping for at least a second or two, there were a few that left me rooted to the spot for a little bit longer.

One of these was the amazing little city carefully cut from skateboard grip and erected on the wooden board (third picture from the top). The other two favourites got in there on cute merits (5th picture from the top). Sadly I forgot to check the artists names!! Bad journalist! I know…

Anyway, the whole atmosphere was electric as throngs of Cape Town’s young creatives moved in and out of the pint-sized little coffee shop – glasses of red wine/bottles of beer and delectable snacks in hand (all ma-freaking-hala!)…

I had a fantastic time… and feel proud of the fact that we ended the evening donating no less than TWO plants to Daniel and his crew… But that’s a story for another day…


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